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Housing market update April 2016 Austin Texas  

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) recently released their March 2016 report, and statistics confirm what most of us already know – Austin’s housing market is raging. Austin-area single-family homes sales increased another 9.3 percent to 2,552 home sales, compared to March 2015. The median single-family home prices also increased 7.8 percent year-over-year to $278,000.

With prices like this, it’s easy to see why city officials are becoming nervous about sustaining the cities affordability. “Housing affordability continues to be a growing problem,” said Seth Thompson, Broker at HomeCity Real Estate. “We are now seeing surrounding suburbs starting to be less affordable as prices are rising even further out from Austin's city center."


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a family having fun


Everyone knows summer is primetime in Austin with Barton Springs, the Greenbelt, Zilker Park, and tons of festivals and events to choose from. Unfortunately, with Austin’s massive growth these places and events can get quickly overcrowded. Finding space and activities for children who want the freedom to explore and interact, means many families are traveling slightly out of “town” to enjoy these aspects. There are tons of fantastic, family-friendly options available especially south of Austin in the Buda and Kyle areas. Already living there? There is no need to travel all the way downtown for some family fun, check out these great activities available this summer in Buda and Kyle!

  • Downtown Buda Farmer’s Market (March - October): Every
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With the cost of living going up every day, we’re all looking to save a buck or two. That doesn’t mean that we need to sacrifice living fab to do it! Especially when it comes to home décor, there are endless DIY projects to be found online. All it takes is a little elbow grease and the know-how (heck, sometimes it doesn’t even take elbow grease). We scoured the internet for some impressive, yet easy to manage DIY projects. Here are some of our favorites…

1. Gilded Agate Coasters. We knew we had to share this idea once we saw it on PopSugar. Apparently it’s relatively inexpensive to buy pieces of geode wholesale. This means the more you buy, the less it costs. Blogger Kevin O’Gara tried it out and ended up spending $4.25 a slice, and he only bought six!

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Saying Spring in North Texas is unpredictable is what you’d call an understatement. Yesterday after enjoying sunny skies and temperatures in the high 70’s to low 80’s, the temperamental April we’ve been having once again showed us why there is just no accounting for Texas weather.

Hail in Texas Local imgur user "steelguinness" shows off the hail from his yard


Severe thunderstorms left damage across several cities Monday evening, and the Wylie Independent School District was forced to cancel classes on Tuesday to deal with the cleanup and return the school to working order, at this time, no returning date has been scheduled. Wylie school board updated the press saying “"Due to the significant storm damage, all Wylie ISD schools will be closed

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With more and more people moving to Austin each day, it’s becoming harder for young families (who many times are first-time homebuyers) to buy in the most desirable areas of town. Traditionally, neighborhoods like Westlake take the cake for their exemplary school districts and community amenities, but the price point for most of these homes are now very high.

Never fear, Younger Generation, there are still plenty of great neighborhoods that offer ample amenities, great school districts, and affordable price points. We assembled our list by starting off with some of the best school districts, then narrowing the list by taking into account factors like amenities, crime rate, and affordability. Lastly, we asked the experts – our agents – which communities

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Lounging on a patio while eating and drinking can be the perfect way to end a hard day or enjoy a beautiful one. While there are some excellent indoor eateries in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, it also has no shortage of outdoor patios to enjoy. We rounded up some of our favorites and collected information from Yelp reviewers to make sure the majority of patrons feel the same way we do. 

Some of these patios are in Downtown Dallas while others are in the suburbs. Some are rooftops while others are on (or under!) the ground. With these picks either the food is exceptional, the view is breathtaking, or the atmosphere is relaxing (or all three). Let the count down begin...

The DFW Skyline from one of the best rooftop patios, NYLO Dallas Soda Bar Dallas skyline from NYLO Dallas Soda Bar


10. The Live Oak Music

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Austin Housing Market Update for March 2016


Austin’s rapidly rising population and growing traffic problems have been a hot subject lately. The annual South by Southwest Festival and the massive crowds it attracts to the city was a reminder that sustainable growth is an important issue to keep at the forefront.

The Austin Board of REALTORS® (ABoR) recently released their latest housing market statistics. In it, 2016 ABoR President Aaron Farmer warns that, “The challenges facing our region’s infrastructure are approaching critical mass. Austin-area residents are relocating farther and farther outside of Austin due to affordability issues and yet are spending more and more time stuck in traffic each year. With the rate our region’s population is growing, this is simply not sustainable.”

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Dallas Fort Worth Real Estate Market Update for March 2016


Sales of existing homes in Dallas - Fort Worth have grown faster than the national pace in most quarters since the beginning of 2014. Accordingly, sales are currently up 9.7% from last year in Dallas, but is there room for even further acceleration?

Investors are wise to be somewhat cautious with their purchasing as broader economic conditions threaten the national housing market's stability. There has been a persistent struggle in the oil market, which could have a negative economic effect on Dallas - Fort Worth, potentially slowing the cities escalation. Also, growth in the new construction market (moreover in the Dallas metro rather than Fort Worth) is coming in response to robust home prices and sales, but not quite fast enough to cure the

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mosquito biting skin


The Zika virus is becoming a worrisome subject amongst Americans, with 193 (travel associated) reported cases as of March 2016 in the US. People visiting the US territories of Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and Hawaii have acquired the virus, potentially bringing it back with them to the mainland. Other places that are known to have Zika infected mosquitos include Africa, Southeast Asia, and Central America. The most common symptoms of Zika are fever, rash, joint pain and conjunctivitis (red eyes). People usually don’t get sick enough to go to the hospital, and very rarely die of Zika. For this reason, many cases go undiagnosed and, unfortunately, have been shown to possibly cause birth defects in pregnant women (although this is

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Apartmentlist.com recently named the top ten cities in the United States for raising a family. Of these ten, four of the towns were in North Texas! They took into account safety, housing cost, school quality, and child friendliness (communities with a greater percentage of children), weighing the factors and using them to index and assign grades and rankings to nearly 500 cities.  While they ran the numbers and did the rankings, we explain what makes each of these cities so perfect for young families.

1. Allen: Taking first place on the list (up from second place last year), Allen got near perfect scores on everything from low crime, to housing costs, to education. The city is incredibly safe, with very few instances of violent crimes, robberies,

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