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may 2016 dallas fort worth housing market statistics

The Dallas/Fort Worth area is experiencing what can only be referred to as a seller’s market. While predictable, these numbers point to an overwhelming demand and little supply of homes on the market. For instance, North Texas Real Estate Information Systems (NTREIS) released its market data for April 2016 which shows a 3.1% drop in new listings (to 13,026) while the number of closed sales rose 2.8% to 8,929.

The median sales price continues to rise steadily, up 7.6% in April 2016 to $220,000. This is largely due to the number of people moving to the area and the lack of space to fit them. Neighborhoods that are in high demand are growing up rather than out, and existing inventory is selling more quickly than ever.

Homes that are priced well in

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may 2016 real estate housing market statistics  

April 2016’s (released May 2016) real estate housing statistics from the Austin Board of Realtors are published, and they have confirmed what many Austin residents already know to be true. Much of Central Texas’ home sales activity is now taking place outside of Austin’s city limits. According to the report, nearly 80% of the 3,863 home sales in the region were sold in the surrounding suburbs. In the five-county MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area), single-family home sales rose 5.1% in April 2016 to 2,600 home sales.

Hayes County is attracting the most buyers, with single-family homes sales jumping 17.8% year over year last to 338 homes. At the same time, Williamson County is the only county in the area experiencing a drop in home sales (down

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Chinese investment in united states real estate


Chinese investors have been a major player in the American real estate world for a while now, but did you know they recently surpassed Canada as the largest foreign investors? Their investment has grown dramatically since 2013, according to a report titled Breaking Ground: Chinese Investment in U.S. Real Estate.

Figures included in the report say Chinese investors acquired at least $17.1 billion of existing commercial property between 2010 and 2015, representing an annual growth rate of 70%. Half of that investment came in 2015 alone. For example, Chinese investors bought NYC’s famous Waldorf Astoria hotel, and also struck a $6.5 billion deal for Strategic Hotels & Resorts earlier this year. The size of their total investments has generally

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uber driver rideshare service Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


The results of Austin’s vote on Proposition 1 are in – and it’s not looking good for rideshare services Uber and Lyft. 56 percent of the population voted against Prop 1 and 44 percent voted for the proposition. In response to the decision, Uber says they will no longer operate in Austin starting at 8 a.m. Monday morning (May 9th). Lyft is opting to “pause operations” on Monday as well.

Prop. 1 was a ride-hailing ordinance that would prohibit required fingerprinting of drivers, and repeal the already instated requirement to identify vehicles with a distinctive emblem as well as repeal the prohibition against loading and unloading passengers in a travel lane. This would replace the current ordinance (passed

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Written by Delaney Kilpatrick

So, it’s been a long week and you need to let loose and relax. I think we all know that means it’s time to grab a drink. Denton is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and save a little cash. Whether you’re looking for a good old-fashioned dive bar experience or a swanky, hipster-filled cocktail bar, Denton has you covered. Here are our top 5 favorite Denton spots to drink the stress away.

 Cool Beans Denton

Cool Beans

A true Denton classic, right on Fry Street near the UNT Campus, Cool Beans is the best spot for cheap drinks. If you’re craving that dive bar feeling and a welcoming atmosphere this is without a doubt the place to be. Feel free to brush up on your pool playing and dart throwing skills while you watch a game or two on

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Dallas Fort Worth Real Estate Market Update for March 2016


Headlines talk about rising home prices and the decreasing supply of homes, but is this something we need to worry about? In short – there is really no need for alarm. The job market is thriving, and our economy is booming.

Aaron Duca, North Texas District Manager at Academy Mortgage, isn’t worried. “Considering the median sales price year-over-year for homes across the Metroplex is increasing, the ‘cost’ of owning is higher today than it was last year. However, I still don’t feel as though it’s an issue,” said Duca. “There are thousands of jobs coming into the Metroplex, which can help those that have been in a stagnant work environment find opportunities to increase their income at the same (if not greater) rate than the increases in home

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Housing market update April 2016 Austin Texas  

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) recently released their March 2016 report, and statistics confirm what most of us already know – Austin’s housing market is raging. Austin-area single-family homes sales increased another 9.3 percent to 2,552 home sales, compared to March 2015. The median single-family home prices also increased 7.8 percent year-over-year to $278,000.

With prices like this, it’s easy to see why city officials are becoming nervous about sustaining the cities affordability. “Housing affordability continues to be a growing problem,” said Seth Thompson, Broker at HomeCity Real Estate. “We are now seeing surrounding suburbs starting to be less affordable as prices are rising even further out from Austin's city center."


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a family having fun


Everyone knows summer is primetime in Austin with Barton Springs, the Greenbelt, Zilker Park, and tons of festivals and events to choose from. Unfortunately, with Austin’s massive growth these places and events can get quickly overcrowded. Finding space and activities for children who want the freedom to explore and interact, means many families are traveling slightly out of “town” to enjoy these aspects. There are tons of fantastic, family-friendly options available especially south of Austin in the Buda and Kyle areas. Already living there? There is no need to travel all the way downtown for some family fun, check out these great activities available this summer in Buda and Kyle!

  • Downtown Buda Farmer’s Market (March - October): Every
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With the cost of living going up every day, we’re all looking to save a buck or two. That doesn’t mean that we need to sacrifice living fab to do it! Especially when it comes to home décor, there are endless DIY projects to be found online. All it takes is a little elbow grease and the know-how (heck, sometimes it doesn’t even take elbow grease). We scoured the internet for some impressive, yet easy to manage DIY projects. Here are some of our favorites…

1. Gilded Agate Coasters. We knew we had to share this idea once we saw it on PopSugar. Apparently it’s relatively inexpensive to buy pieces of geode wholesale. This means the more you buy, the less it costs. Blogger Kevin O’Gara tried it out and ended up spending $4.25 a slice, and he only bought six!

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Saying Spring in North Texas is unpredictable is what you’d call an understatement. Yesterday after enjoying sunny skies and temperatures in the high 70’s to low 80’s, the temperamental April we’ve been having once again showed us why there is just no accounting for Texas weather.

Hail in Texas Local imgur user "steelguinness" shows off the hail from his yard


Severe thunderstorms left damage across several cities Monday evening, and the Wylie Independent School District was forced to cancel classes on Tuesday to deal with the cleanup and return the school to working order, at this time, no returning date has been scheduled. Wylie school board updated the press saying “"Due to the significant storm damage, all Wylie ISD schools will be closed

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