Alex moved to Austin in 2010 from his hometown in New York, just outside of New York City. When he first got here, before he was a real estate agent, he owned and operated multiple business simultaneously. Having been raised by parents that were owner/operators of their own separate businesses, its no wonder why Alex is having great success as an entrepreneur.

When he was a personal trainer he worked with clients ranging from injured seniors to professional level athletes. A highlight of that business was when he was invited to University of Texas' kinesiology department to give a speech about his career and offer advice to up and coming trainers.

The other business he launched and operated was a boat detailing operation which was founded out of his love for boats and the outdoors. When you meet Alex, be sure to ask him about the time a customer gave him the wrong slip number which resulted in accidentally detailing a very famous actors boat.

What fuels Alex's career as a residential Realtor is the profound experience he had moving into his own home in North Austin. Having broken the chains of month to month living and paying rent to unknown landlords is a freedom that Alex wants his clients to feel for themselves. Although Alex often markets himself towards first-time-home-buyers, his expertise and passion for real estate allows him to help even the most seasoned real estate investor.