Andrea Taylor: Your Central Texas Real Estate Agent

I am a customer-service-oriented real estate agent who helps home buyers and sellers in Belton, TX and the surrounding central Texas areas. If you're looking for an agent with patience, perseverance, and a passion for helping people, you've just found her!

Following a Passion for Real Estate

I moved to central Texas about 7 years ago, and it gave me a chance to "reboot" my life and my career. Although I was born and raised in Missouri I will never leave Texas! My husband is a native Texan and he has shown me how wonderful this state is, especially central Texas! I chose real estate as a career path, because it allows me to use the customer service skills I acquired during my former careers of working at the hospital, assisting families in choosing the best play system for their backyard, consulting as someone picked out the ring that would start their beautiful marriage, and many years ago as a flight attendant. It also gives me a chance to serve the community I love. I've always been interested in real estate, and now I'm fortunate enough to do it for a living.

What Makes Me Different from Other Agents

You have a lot of agents to choose from, when buying or selling a home. So why choose me? Here are some things that set me apart:

Service: I worked in customer service for many years, before transitioning to real estate. "Customer service" is more than a catchphrase to me -- it's a way of doing business. I strive to exceed my clients' expectations in all aspects of the real estate process, and to "wow" them with my service-oriented approach. I will listen to you and work tirelessly on your behalf! I look forward to helping you sell your home or selecting a home in the best neighborhood for your family’s needs!

Coaching: Success in real estate starts with education. You have to understand the nuances of the local market, the dynamics of supply and demand, and how these things affect you as a buyer or seller. If you work with me, I'll make sure you are well informed at every step of the process, so you can make smart decisions. You deserve nothing less.

Contact: You'll have a lot of questions during your real estate transaction. Everyone does. And you deserve to know what is happening at all times, and what needs to happen in order to reach the finish line. If you choose me as your real estate agent, you'll enjoy constant interaction and communication. You'll always be in the know.

A Smoother, Less Stressful Real Estate Experience

Buying or selling a home can be exciting. But it can also be stressful. It's particularly stressful for first-timers and those who have a short timeline. I know this firsthand, because I've been there myself. That's why I work extra hard to keep my clients informed, and to make the process as smooth as possible.

When I'm not helping my clients, I enjoy spending time with my 2 adorable dogs, playing volleyball, crafting, and of course spending quality time with my wonderful husband and friends.

Although my husband or I did not serve in the military, we like to show our appreciation for our soldiers and veterans for the sacrifices they made for our country. My husband performs in Airshows with his warbird from WWII all across TX and in a few other states. We support and volunteer with many foundations to help preserve these beautiful aircraft which are a part of our countries history. If my clients don’t need me I hop in and fly along to give my support. Somedays, when the weather is beautiful, we take a short sunset flight to view central TX from above!

I look forward to meeting you and helping you buy or sell a home!

If you have any questions about my real estate services, or what I can do to help you, please don't hesitate to ask. I look forward to hearing from you!