After spending his post-college years traveling throughout the country in the tourism industry, Jody realized that he had a penchant for fostering relationships, educating clients, and providing true, meaningful customer service. This led him to his previous carreer as a sales manger in the retail field where he further sharpened his leadership and consulting capabilities. Having been in Austin since 2005, Jody sought a real estate career to be able to continue to enrich the lives of others, while attaining the flexibility to fully embrace his passion for client service. As the son of a school teacher and a coach, he was raised in the Texas Hill Country, where values such as integrity, work ethic, honesty, and trust were deeply engrained. Jody strives to provide clients with professional, transparent service, regardless of those client's vision and goals.

What clients have to say about me

I recently bought a development property through Jody Adams and Homecity and couldn't have asked for a better experience. Jody and his team were extremely knowledgeable and professional throughout the process and always made sure I was aware of all deadlines well advance. Furthermore, Jody was extremely personable and made himself available at all times to answer any questions or assuage any concerns. Would certainly use again. Thanks Jody and Homecity!
Dave Comerford