As a Native Texan, horsewoman, chef, and resident of the Austin metropolitan area for almost half a century, both city and country, I enjoy welcoming new people to the area and our fair state and introducing them to the food, culture, and all things that make this a great place to live.

My focus in real estate is you – be you buyer or seller. Your goals are my goals, and my role is to help you achieve them.

Buyers, do you want to live in the city or in the country? Is your passion gardening, or horses, and time spent on the lake, or hiking? Are schools a consideration? What does your dream home look like? What does your dream LIFE look like? Describe it for me, and let's make it happen!

Sellers, your goal is a little more obvious – to sell in the least amount of time for the highest dollar possible. However, there are aspects that go beyond time and money – do you already have a place you're moving to, or do you need a leaseback? What can you do to make your house stand out from all the rest on the market? Where is the best place to market your unique house? Selling is a team effort, and I would love to team up with you to help you start the next phase of life!

Get in touch with me and let's talk about your goals and dreams and how we can make them happen.

What clients have to say about me

Tricia was very patient with us in that we moved to Texas from California, and the process in Texas was somewhat different in regulations for purchasing property. Tricia kept us going in the right direction, and provided clear explanations to all our questions.
Tricia receives excellent marks in all categories. She was always "there" for us regardless of how full her plate may have been with other clients. She made us feel the most important clients at all times. We would recommend her to any of our friends and family needing a relator.
Our entire experience with Tricia was excellent.
Tricia Jumonville made sure we had the right home for us. She provided many options that fell within our requirements, and she didn't give up on us. We had many we were interested in, but only the one we ultimately purchased was the right one! Tricia made it happen. Our gratitude goes out to her. We love this home more than any other we have ever lived in. Thanks Tricia!
Shelley & Jim Graham - Georgetown, TX (Buyer)