Temple, Texas saw it's median house price rise by 7.1% this year compared to last October. Active listings are also up by 5.7%, but the number of closed sales are down. This could imply growth in the market's inventory which could keep houses on the market longer.

Some good news out of Belton demonstrated median price was up 48% this October compared to October 2017, with active listings on the rise by 11.4%, as well. Average days on market were up on average around 25 days, meaning homes are in the market longer but the wait is paying off for many.

Killeen saw growth this October, as home sales and median price rose. The growth trend could be in part to the shrinking inventory as active listings were down 22.9% compared to October 2017. Another number lending to this trend is the fewer days on market. Homes in this area spent on average 23 days less on the market than this time last year.

Average number of days on market in Harker Heights dropped to 24 days, compared to October 2017. Median price and closed sales both dropped 3.7% and 15% respectively, compared to October 2017. The market continues to move steadily, but at a lower price-point.