Didn’t snag your ACL tickets in time? Just trying to avoid the musical crowd? Either way, you’re all set for a fun-tastic month of October at these five exhibits in Austin this month.

Artist Edward Lane McCartney’s exhibition features an exciting and mesmerizing combination of everyday objects, like cardboard, metal, plastics, layered paper, and others. Expect to see geographic shapes of color and materials, and complicated, rich layerings of metal in pieces of art, including jewelry. Softbound catalogs of the pieces can be purchased for $20, and will be autographed by the artist himself after an artful discussion. It’s a whole-package experience.

“Holding Patterns” | Oct. 6th | CAMIBA art: 2832 E Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.

“Within the Stand, Under the Habit” - This exhibition features three artists, Cade Bradshaw, Charles Heppner, and Madeline Irvine, at the new gallery, Atelier 1205. You’ll see works of various media exploring the “relationship of people to the physical form of trees.” Expect to wander through a sea of wooden frames and photographs, contemplating your own connection with the green giants of the world.

“Within the Stand, Under the Habit” | Through Oct. 7 | Atelier 1205 - 1205 E. Cesar Chavez

It’s time to freshen up your Instagram, and who doesn’t want to take a fun selfie in front of a wall of banana splits? The Art of Ice Cream is coming to Austin, and all ages are welcome for the fun. Play with photography using color, texture, and patterns at the exhibit, open from 11-8 every day but Wednesdays. All are encouraged to share their photos on the pop-up exhibits social media outlets using #artoficecreamexperience, so check out their Instagram for inspo. Tickets can be purchased online.

“The Art of Ice Cream Exhibit” | Through Oct. 31 | 3208 S Congress Ave

“(Im)possibilities: A Retrospective of Dysfunction” - This gallery features the work of Gareth Maguire, an Irish artist living and working locally in Austin. He works primarily in “Neo-Expressionist, graffiti-style painting.” Expect to see lots of beautifully constructed graffiti art, way cooler than the stuff you grew up seeing along the train tracks. Maguire has lived in several countries and states, including Northern Ireland, England, France, New York, California, and Texas, giving him a super-unique sense of perspective that he applies to much of his artwork.

“(Im)possibilities: A Retrospective of Dysfunction” | Through Nov. 3 | Flatbed Press and Gallery: 2832 East MLK Blvd

You may be used to loving Austin-based Bob Schneider for his music, but the artist has another talent: collage-making and poem writing. Schneider’s art have been primarily focused on collaged headshots, but has grown into full-body collage. Expect to see adult themes brightened by confetti-like spots of color.

“The Party’s Just Getting Started - New Art” | Through Oct. 21 | YardDog Art Gallery @ 1510 S Congress Ave