It’s finally getting colder here in Austin, and that makes it the perfect time to enjoy a nice, warm cup of hot chocolate! We’ve all had a mug of Swiss Miss mixed with hot chocolate in austin txwater, but have you had some of the gourmet cocoa offerings available? There are several places around town that offer not only exceptional hot chocolate, but an inviting ambience as well. Warm your bones at some of our absolute favorite places to get hot chocolate in Austin.

- Texas Coffee Traders: Located on East 4th street, this locally owned and operated artisanal coffee roaster is a great place to sit and have a cup of hot chocolate. Featuring a variety of flavors, their hot chocolate is said to be some of the best in Austin! They also have a wide variety of teas, chocolate powders and sauces, syrups, smoothie mixes and frappe bases available for purchase. Texas Coffee Traders is a great place to hang out on a patio, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and soak up some of Austin’s East Side charm.

- Delish Bakery: Located downtown on West 3rd Street, Delish Bakery is known for their baked goods and cupcakes. What you may not know is that they also serve delicious hot chocolate. They mix their very own Mexican hot chocolate blends, and serve them with homemade marshmallows. Stop by and enjoy a sweet treat downtown!

- Halcyon: Halcyon Coffee Bar and Lounge, downtown, serves snacks, desserts, coffee, liquor and… of course, hot chocolate. Enjoy some of their famous Tableside S’mores with one of their many gourmet hot chocolates. Patrons can choose from French, Mexican, White Peppermint, Peanut butter, or Bittersweet Caramel hot chocolate, or choose one of their paired adult (alcoholic) versions. Large mugs of your chosen hot chocolate are served with whipped cream and animal crackers. Too cute!

- Paggi House: Known for some of the best patio dining in Austin, Paggi House also boasts a delicious hot chocolate recipe as well. Made with French Valrhona chocolate or Gianduja (a high-fat hazelnut chocolate) and mixed with milk and cream… this hot chocolate is rich, creamy, and definitely not diet.

- Holy Cacao: Holy Cacao is a little food trailer in Central Austin that lives up to its name! They serve all things chocolate, and that includes their award winning drinking chocolate. Inspired by a coffee shop in Brooklyn’s deliciously thick and rich hot chocolate, their recipe features pure European chocolate bars melted with milk and cream in four flavors: Original, Holy Cacao, Mexican or Peppermint. If you need a little pick me up, you can add a shot of espresso to any drink. During the warmer months, they also serve frozen hot chocolate and cake shakes… yum!

- Cafe Medici: - With several locations around town, Cafe Medici boasts some of the smoothest, creamiest hot chocolate in town. They use a top-secret recipe to make their own homemade sauce that makes for a spectacular chocolate blend. Frothy milk (or soy milk) is mixed with just the right amount of sweetness, and served with a frothy heart on top. Stop by and do some computer work or reading at one of their three locations around Austin!

- 1886 Cafe and Bakery: Located inside the Driskill, downtown, this upscale eatery features some of the best breakfast around. Customers can enjoy offerings such as chocolate croissants and eggs benedict along side a cup of rich, creamy hot chocolate. Had a long night out downtown? Come enjoy their Hangover Omelet and a cup of cocoa.

- Peche: Featuring a Prohibition Era vibe, Peche is a great place to start your evening downtown. Known for their Absinthe Drinks, their hot chocolate is also well worth trying. Mixed by their cocktail artists, this drink is mixed with real chocolate bars, milk, and whatever else customers choose to add. Peche also serves food, with a menu that changes daily!