Move over 512, there’s a new area code in town! Starting June 1st, 2013 all local calls will require an area code to be dialed. For more than 60 years Austin held on to its 512 area code, but Austin’s rapid growth makes adding another code inevitable.

The new 737 area code will cover phone numbers in all or parts of Travis, Williamson, Hayes, Burnet, Lampasas, Caldwell, Bastrop, Lee, Milam, Mills, Coryell, San Saba, Fayette, Guadalupe, Comal, Blanco, Llano and Burleson counties; many of the same covered under 512. No need to worry – current customers will keep their 512 digits, but any new phones, landlines, and cells will be assigned the 737.

Austinites have mixed feelings about the change. While most understand that growth requires change, some feel that the digits mean more than just a code. If you’re partial to the 512 code, you better hurry! The remaining available numbers for the code are expected to last until late this year.

Don’t forget – in addition to changing your dialing procedure, all services and automatic dialing equipment programed with a 7-digit number must be reprogrammed to a 10-digit number. Some safety systems, fax machines, internet dial up numbers, alarm systems, speed dial numbers, and voice mail services must be updated. Also make sure your web site, email signature lines, stationary and advertising materials are up to date with your area code!