Did you know that San Antonio is one of the best metropolitan areas to raise a family in the United States? Not only is housing affordable, but if you are looking for increased educational offerings for your children, San Antonio is where you should be.

If you are in the process of choosing a place to move to, this vibrant city should definitely be at the top of your list. With so much to do and see, this city may be your ideal place to live. Not sure where you should move to in San Antonio? We have just the list of places for you.

1. Terrell Hills

Terrell Hills, zip code 78209, is a dense, suburban neighborhood with an estimated population of 5,477 people. Living in Terrell Hills offers residents a safe, comfortable atmosphere and most residents own their own homes.

For families with children, there are a number of choices for schools in the area that are in the top 30 percent in Texas. They also have five charter schools and six private schools that serve the area.

The median home value in the Terrell Hills neighborhood of San Antonio is $520,168 according to Niche. While this is well over the national value, home prices in this area are worth it due to the high-quality schools and safety and comfort found in the area.

Why Terrell Hills: Families with young children will love Terrell Hills because of its family-oriented atmosphere.

The Vibe: Suburban and full of fun outing opportunities for families.

2. Oakland Estates

Oakland Estates, zip code 78240, has a population of 1,535 people. 23 percent of the population living in this neighborhood are families with children making it a great spot for new families. The neighborhood is highly educated, with 32 percent of citizens holding a Master’s degree or higher. Add to that its large variety of restaurants and Oakland Estates is great for young couples and foodies.

The neighborhood is home to a large variety of schools. Some of the top schools in the area are Health Careers High School, Beard Elementary, McAndrew Elementary.

Median home values for the Oakland Estates area are $66,807. Making this a great option for first-time homeowners.

Why Oakland Estates: With a large variety of restaurants, this neighborhood is great for young upwardly mobile couples and families.

The Vibe: An urban oasis in the midst of San Antonio.

3. Northeast Inner Loop

Northeast Inner Loop hosts a population of 16,597. As one of the larger suburban neighborhoods in San Antonio, there is plenty to see and do in the area. It is home to the International School of the Americas and is close to Terrell Hills.

At $303,087, median home values for the Northeast Inner loop are relatively high but given the proximity to Terrell Hills and the proximity to such a large variety of nightlife activities, the value is easily reconciled.

Why Northeast Inner Loop: This neighborhood offers homeowners a suburban feel with a large offering of nightlife activities which is great for young couples.

The Vibe: A fun place that you can call home.

4. Alamo Heights

Alamo Heights is a neighborhood in San Antonio, Texas with a population of nearly 4,000 people. It’s a quaint cottage district that sits adjacent to the Broadway Cultural Corridor. It is home to the McNay Art Museum and boasts a family-friendly atmosphere, making it a great place for young couples and young families that love the arts.

The neighborhood is served by four schools. Two elementary schools, Cambridge Elementary and Woodbridge Elementary. One junior high school, Alamo Heights Junior High and one high school, Alamo Heights High School. The district has a high graduation rate of 97 percent, making it a great neighborhood for children to get a quality education.

The median home value for a house in the Alamo Heights area is $579,900. While this number may seem high, the value of the proximity to cultural activities more than makes up for the extra expense.

Why Alamo Heights: With a large offering of attractions, malls, parks, and eateries, Alamo Heights is the place to be for families looking for increased cultural offerings.

The Vibe: Artsy, hip, and family-friendly.

5. Monte Vista

Monte Vista is a historic district with a population of approximately 3,000 people. It is located close to San Antonio College and is characterized by distinguished and historic residential architecture that was primarily developed between the years 1890 and 1930.

The neighborhood is served by the following schools: Agnes Cotton Academy, Nathaniel Hawthorne Academy, Mark Twain Middle School, and Thomas Edison High School. Many of the schools are highly diverse.

With a median home value of $474,127, it will cost you more to live in Monte Vista than many other communities but isn’t owning a piece of historic Texas worth it?

Why Monte Vista: The Monte Vista neighborhood of San Antonio is a great place for families looking to feel a part of historic Texas.

The Vibe: Historic, old Texas charm.

6. Tanglewood Ridge

Tanglewood Ridge is a San Antonio neighborhood with a population of nearly 6,000 people. The neighborhood dates back to the 1970s and its quaint architecture comprises much of the 78249 zip code. It is a very diverse neighborhood with residents ranging from middle-class to working class.

The neighborhood is served by the Northside Independent School District. Available school choices, which all have a Great Schools rating of between 5 and 7, are Boone Elementary, Rawlinson Middle, Rudder Middle, Clark High, and John Marshall High.

Median home values for the Tanglewood Ridge area rest at $194,283, which is only slightly above the national average, making this a great choice for new homeowners.

Why Tanglewood Ridge: If you’re looking for a home in an area that has offers the best of both an urban and suburban environment, Tanglewood Ridge is right for you.

The Vibe: Fun, eclectic, and diverse.

7. Huebner / Leon Creeks

With a population of 19,670, the Huebner or Leon Creeks neighborhood in San Antonio is one of the best San Antonio neighborhoods to live in. It is a suburban neighborhood with much of the amenities of a large urban area. 

The neighborhood consists of zip codes 78240, 78250, 78254 and a few others. Homeowners love this neighborhood due to its close proximity to jobs, with an average commute time of under 30 minutes.

The Huebner / Leon Creeks area is served by a number of schools that are all part of the Northside Independent School District. Some of the most notable schools are Health Careers High School (which ranks in the Top 1% of Texas Schools), Beard Elementary School, McAndrew Elementary, Los Reyes Elementary, and Brandeis High School, to name a few.

The median home value in the Huebner / Leon Creeks area is slightly below the national average at $175,475 making it great for homeowners looking to get more value for their dollar.

Why Huebner / Leon Creeks: With a large offering of parks for recreation, the Huebner / Leon Creeks neighborhood is great for people who like to stay active.

The Vibe: Comfortable but hip.

8. Fort Sam Houston

The San Antonio neighborhood of Fort Sam Houston is a top neighborhood for San Antonio military families. With 8,149 citizens in this neighborhood, it’ll be easy to call the area home. While most members of the area rent their homes, there are many attractive and affordable homes for sale in the area.

The area is served by 27 different schools, some of the most notable are Judson Early College Academy and the Young Women's Leadership Academy. These schools are notable because of their high rankings on Public School Review as being both in the top 1 percent of Texas schools and also having exceptional diversity.

Housing prices in the Fort Sam Houston neighborhood tend to be priced below the national average and have a median home value of $156,078. Which can be perfect for first-time homebuyers.

Why Fort Sam Houston: While this is especially true if you’re a military family working on the base in the area, Fort Sam Houston is a great place for upwardly mobile families.

The Vibe: Tight-knit but fun and eclectic.

9. Northwest

The diverse and nightlife friendly neighborhood of Northwest in San Antonio is home to 77,445 Texans. Much of the population of this area is college educated and enjoys having a fun night out on the town. The area is great for foodies and young families alike.

Schools located in the Northwest area of San Antonio are served by the Northside Independent School District. Depending upon where you choose to live in the area, your child may be able to attend highly rated schools like Health Careers High School.

Median home values in the Northwest neighborhood of San Antonio are well below the national average and come in at $155,319 which makes it a great location for first-time homebuyers looking to save a little extra money.

Why Northwest: Homeownership in this area is highly accessible and with a thriving nightlife available, Northwest is an excellent neighborhood for young professionals.

The Vibe: Fun and educated.

10. Mahncke Park

Located near Fort Sam Houston and Olmos Park, Mahncke Park is a sparsely populated neighborhood of only 3,573 citizens. The neighborhood is located near to the San Antonio Country Club and San Antonio Botanical Gardens making it a great location for people who like the outdoors.

Children in the neighborhood go to schools that are often rated in the top 30 percent of schools. Some of which are Alamo Heights Junior School, Woodbridge Elementary, and Cambridge Elementary.

With median home values at $353,637, homes are priced well above the national average. However, due to the proximity to the country club, botanical gardens, and highly rated schools, it’s more than worth the price.

Why Mahncke Park: If you’re a lover of the outdoors or a family with children who love to learn, Mahncke Park is the place to be.

The Vibe: Upwardly mobile and professional.

11. Government Hill

Government Hill is a historic San Antonio neighborhood, mostly developed during the gilded age of the city. With many of the homes built during the World War I era, this neighborhood is home to tons of interesting architecture from the time period.

Students in the area are served by a number of schools, including Robert G. Cole (a middle school and high school), Young Women’s Leadership Academy, and Lackland Elementary. The schools are all highly rated.

Even though homes in the neighborhood are largely historical, median home values are well below the national average at $141,740.

Why Government Hill: If you enjoy feeling like you're back in the golden age of San Antonio or value highly rated public schools, Government Hill is right for you.

The Vibe: Majestic and friendly.

12. North Central

Densely packed San Antonio neighborhood, North Central, houses about 21,580 Texans. It is home to the Olmos Basin Golf Course and near to the San Antonio International Airport. With lots of parks and access to a Golf Course, it’s a great neighborhood for anyone hoping to get a couple of rounds of golf in on a lazy Sunday morning.

Children of the North Central area are able to attend a number of quality schools including Blattman Elementary, Lopez Middle, and Bush Middle School. All of which are highly rated, have great diversity, and excellent test scores.

Homes in the North Central neighborhood of San Antonio have a median home value of $180,694 which is keeping in line with the national average.

Why North Central: If you’re looking for a neighborhood with lots of outdoor activities or great schools, North Central San Antonio is right for you.

The Vibe: Dense, suburban, and homey.

13. Westfort

The Westfort neighborhood in San Antonio, Texas calls 489 Texans neighbors. With a highly diverse population, this urban center is a great place for young families just starting out. The area is close to the Brackenridge Park Golf Course making it a great place for a family or couple looking to get in a couple of rounds of golf on their weekends.

The neighborhood is served by 18 different schools. Some of the most notable are Robert G. Cole, the Young Women’s Leadership Academy, and Fort Sam Houston Elementary. While we’ve already discussed the accolades of both Robert G. Cole and Young Women’s Leadership Academy, Fort Sam Houston Elementary is also in the top 30 percent of Texas schools.

Homes in the Westfort area are priced to sell. With a median home value way under the national average at $83,800, young professionals and first time home buyers would do well to consider this area.

Why Westfort: If you enjoy golf, an urban center, or quality educational opportunities for your children, Westfort is the neighborhood of your dreams.

The Vibe: Eclectic and fun.

14. Tobin Hill

3,902 Texans call the San Antonio neighborhood of Tobin Hill home. The neighborhood is full of fun and exciting things to do including a host of eateries and the Pearl Farmers Market. Additionally, it is close to a number of interesting local spots including Button Stadium and the San Antonio Museum of Art.

Parents of Tobin Hill children send their children to a variety of schools including the highly-rated Young Women’s Leadership Academy.

If you’re looking to buy a home in this neighborhood, it is important to note that median home values are above the national average at $242,266.

Why Tobin Hill: Close to almost anything you could want, Tobin Hill is a great spot for young couples who enjoy cultural events.

The Vibe: Fun and cultured.

15. Lavaca