WealthInsight released a study Tuesday of which cities the most billionaires, ultra-millionaires (individuals with over $30 million each) and millionaires call home. Coming in at number 17 with 11 billionaires was our Dallas.

Some other wealthy cities included London (at number three with 54 billionaires), Dubai (at number 18 with 11 billionaires), and New York City at number one with 70 billionaires. They had more billionaires living in the city than anywhere else in the world.

While Beverly Hills lures the Hollywood elite, the DFW area seems more prone to attract celebrities of the sports and business worlds. New York Yankee Mark Teixeria, PGA pro K.J. Choi and Tod Hamilton live in the suburb of Westlake, as well as former Exxon CEO Lee Raymond. Oh, how could I forget? One of the Jonas Brothers owns a massive property in Westlake (although I believe it’s on the market).

I can see why Dallas has attracted so many wealthy people, it has a class all its own.