Local imgur user "steelguinness" shows off the hail from his yard

Saying Spring in North Texas is unpredictable is what you’d call an understatement. Yesterday after enjoying sunny skies and temperatures in the high 70’s to low 80’s, the temperamental April we’ve been having once again showed us why there is just no accounting for Texas weather.

Severe thunderstorms left damage across several cities Monday evening, and the Wylie Independent School District was forced to cancel classes on Tuesday to deal with the cleanup and return the school to working order, at this time, no returning date has been scheduled. Wylie school board updated the press saying “"Due to the significant storm damage, all Wylie ISD schools will be closed tomorrow, Tuesday, April 12, 2016. With the damage from the storm we will not be able to provide a safe learning environment for all students. More updates will be posted as we have them." Hail the size of literal softballs and baseballs ripped through the town and its surrounding areas leaving no small wake of damage.

Several neighborhoods in Collin County are still without power and Oncore is predicting several more hours before power will be restored to all areas. Many insurance adjusters took to the street to address damage and help clients and confused residents after the powerful storms. Many homes had holes clearly visible through the roof and car windows were completely caved in after the overwhelming storm.

Across social media from Frisco to Quinlan, residents were sharing images of the hail stones and wind damage that was pummeling the cities. Twitter feeds were full of people sharing their own photos of the ice damage. Clearly this spring is unpredictable and it’s important to have Homeowners Insurance. If you need advice reach out to us here or contact an agent directly for more information to make sure you are covered in case #UnpredicatableSpring starts trending!