Congratulations, you’ve found the perfect place to live and can’t wait to settle into your new home. The only thing left to do is - the dreaded move. Packing up your place and relocating to another can be not only tedious and time-consuming, but often expensive! 

However, there are tips and tricks used by the professionals that can make the moving process less of a headache. We asked some of the best in the business what they suggest doing to keep things organized before, during, and after the big move.  

Plan, plan, plan.

Professional organizer Jennifer Lava suggests starting as early as possible in your planning and scheduling. “Keep a master to-do list of all moving-related tasks. Then use your calendar to schedule and plan them out to get them done. Pack like things together by the rooms you will be putting them in and label your boxes well.”

Just let go.

Jennifer Lava also suggests downsizing your belongings before a big move. “As soon as you know you are going to be moving begin to look at what you don't need, use or love anymore and let them go. Why move things that no longer work for you?”

Hire the right size moving truck or storage unit.

Alexander Harris at SpareFoot, a full-service storage unit finder, suggests, “Make sure you get the right sized moving truck or storage unit. If you get too big a truck, your items might have room to fall over and jostle around. If you get too small a truck, you might find yourself unable to bring a favorite possession. I had to leave behind my mountain bike when I moved to Austin three years ago. I still don't have a bike.”

Pack Thoughtfully.

Alexander at SpareFoot proposes packing boxes thoughtfully to make moving easier. “It's easy to make the mistake of packing boxes that are way too heavy. Use small boxes to pack heavy items like books, and fill empty space inside medium and large boxes with pillows and blankets. Packing boxes this way will make it much easier to load and unload them.”

Prepare what you’ll unload first.

Jennifer Lava suggests thinking about the items you’ll need most the first night in your new home. “Pack a change of clothes, your toiletries, a set of towels (a shower curtain if needed) and a set of bed sheets separately so you can sleep in your bed, shower and get dressed the first day/night in the new house without having to search for those items in the boxes. “

Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Alexander Harris at SpareFoot thinks there’s no shame in asking for a little assistance. “If you are low on extra helping hands, consider moving apps like Bellhops that will let you hire movers on demand. Or try Buddytruk that helps you find a driver with a truck to help you move. Finally, lets you find the best deal on full-service storage companies that will pick up and store your stuff for you until you want it again.” Easy peasy!

Facilitate an easy cleanup.

Jennifer Lava warns not to forget about your old place just yet. “Leave some cleaning supplies at your old place so you can do an easy clean up once all of your stuff is removed.” Even if you’re going to pay someone to do a final clean, it’s best to do a surface sweep first.