There’s a lot to do in San Antonio and that is what makes it such a great place to live or visit. While we’re sure that almost everyone says that about their hometown, we can prove it. Just check out this list of over 50 things to do. No repeats!

1. The Alamo

We’d never forget The Alamo, one of San Antonio’s most popular tourist attractions. It’s definitely a can’t miss the next time you’re in San Antonio. This historical former mission has played an important role in not only Texan but American history and is located conveniently right downtown.

2. San Antonio Missions National Park

The only UNESCO World Heritage site in Texas, the San Antonio Missions National Park is a group of five Spanish colonial missions. The site features both Spanish and Native or Indigenous historical features and is a must-see for any history buff.

3. San Antonio Fire Museum

Looking for something cheap but fun to do? Why not check out the San Antonio Fire Museum? This unique museum features fun historical items that highlight the courageous and storied history of firefighters.

4. McNay Art Museum

Fan of the visual arts? If so, you’ll love the McNay Art Museum. The art museum features a multitude of rotating art exhibits and has one of the best collections of contemporary Latino and Chicano art in the United States.

5. The DoSeum

Museums are always for children but the DoSeum, San Antonio’s museum for kids is especially geared toward children. They have scavenger hunts, a spy academy, and a variety of other exhibits designed to make education fun.

6. The Witte Museum

The Witte Museum is dedicated to educating the masses about nature, science, and culture. The museum has quite a collection of ferocious dinosaur bones and tons of hands-on exhibits designed to keep little (and big) kids entertained.

Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

7. Institute of Texan Cultures

Affiliated with the Smithsonian is the Institute of Texan Cultures. The institute features tons of fun and engaging exhibits that teach visitors about the many cultures that come together to make Texas so great.

8. San Antonio Zoo

The San Antonio Zoo features over 8500 animals on a sprawling 56 acres. The zoo has been a San Antonio staple since the 1800s. They have so much to see and do that you’ll definitely need to make more than one trip to do everything.

9. San Antonio Aquarium

Aquariums are amazing and if you’ve never interacted with thousands of species of aquatic life, you need to get down to the San Antonio Aquarium now. It’s fun for everyone, no matter how young or old you are.

TParis, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

10. Texas Transportation Museum

San Antonio is a city on the move and if you love movement, you’ll love the Texas Transportation Museum. It features a large collection of motor vehicles including chuckwagons and railroad cars.

11. Natural Bridge Caverns

Touted as the largest underground attraction in Texas, the Natural Bridge Caverns are limestone formations that were created over millions of years. This is a must-visit for anyone wishing to gain a plethora of information about geology while taking a tour. You can also try one of the surface attractions like climbing or zip rails.

12. Japanese Tea Garden

The San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden was originally a limestone rock quarry but in 1917 Ray Lambert had the vision to create a beautiful garden for the citizens of San Antonio to visit. This park is pet friendly so bring your furry friend (on a leash) and is also a great spot to take photos for your Instagram feed.

13. San Antonio Botanical Garden

Situated on over 33 acres of land sits the San Antonio Botanical Garden. In addition to the wide variety of Texas native plants, they also feature endangered plant varieties like the South Texas Ambrosia. To keep you coming back, they also offer walks, tours, and special events.

14. San Antonio Riverwalk

Create cherished memories alongside the beautiful San Antonio River by visiting the San Antonio Riverwalk. You can visit local businesses and walk alongside the river. During the spring, you can even watch the River Parade which features flowery floats on the river.

15. Brackenridge Park

Situated at the start of the San Antonio River in Brackenridge Park, the 343-acre park has a number of playgrounds and softball fields for those looking for outdoor activities. Visitors to the park can also ride a miniature train or visit the oldest golf course in Texas, but more about that next.

16. Brackenridge Park Golf Course

Established in 1916, the Brackenridge Golf Course is a staple of the Alamo City Golf Trail. This golf course was the home of the first Texas Open. If you love golf you’ll definitely want to play at least 9-holes on this course or visit the Texas Golf Hall of Fame, also on this course.

Michael Barera, CC BY-SA 4.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

17. Yanaguana Garden

One of the parks at Hemisfair, Yanaguana Garden is a beautifully landscaped outdoor escape for people of all ages and abilities. You can play ping-pong or cornhole in the shade while you send the kids off to play on the playground that even features adaptive equipment for kids of all abilities including those that use wheelchairs.

18. Mitchell Lake Audubon Center

Are you a birder or just a fan or beautiful outdoor oases? If so, you’ll want to visit the Mitchell Lake Audubon Center. The center covers 1200 acres of wetlands, ponds, woodlands, grasslands, and south Texas brush. Visitors to the Audubon center can see over 300 different bird species and 120 different plant species for a truly delightful day.

19. San Pedro Springs Park

The second oldest park in the United States, the San Pedro Springs Park is a great outdoor spot for people looking to soak up some of that wonderful San Antonio sun. With trails, pools, and lighted tennis courts, there’s a ton to do here to help you destress and recenter yourself.

20. Leon Creek Greenway

The Leon Creek Greenway offers visitors over 20 miles of paved multi-use trails and connects to four different parks. You can hike here for an invigorating outdoor experience and see beautiful sights like fields of wildflowers.

21. Alamodome

The San Antonio Alamodome is your place for excitement. The center of all things entertainment, you can see sporting events, monster truck rallies, and even your favorite musical artists in concert here.

22. The Magicians Agency Theatre

Magic is mysterious and thrilling and there’s no better place to see an exciting magic act than The Magicians Agency Theatre. The venue not only hosts magic shows but is also home to magic lessons and a magic shop, so you can bring the fun home.

23. Extreme Escape

With two different locations around San Antonio, Extreme Escape is an escape room challenge that offers you the chance to engage in eight unique challenges for a fun night out. Try one or all of the rooms, if you dare.

24. Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Where can you go to see world-renowned entertainment and find heart-pounding thrill rides? Six Flags Fiesta Texas, of course. Located right in the heart of San Antonio, this theme part has tons of rides, characters, and food to keep you happy all day long.

25. Aquatica San Antonio

If you’re looking to beat the heat, why not do it somewhere fun and thrilling like Aquatica San Antonio? The water theme park is affiliated with SeaWorld and features tons of thrilling water attractions to keep you cool and entertained.

26. X-Factor Paintball Park

Fun for ages eight and up is the X-Factor Paintball Park. This premier paintball experience offers multiple fields that can accommodate every level of play from fun and casual team-building experiences to tournament-level play.

27. Legoland Discovery Center

Come see an interactive replica of San Antonio made with over 1.5 Million Lego bricks. Watch a 4D movie in the Lego 4D cinema. With a ton of things to do for children of all ages, you will love Legoland Discovery Center.

28. Monster Mini Golf

Monster Mini Golf has it all. You can golf a few rounds, play some laser tag, fall into a truly satisfying Virtual Reality experience, or just enjoy the retro fun of going to an arcade.

29. Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is the place you will want to enjoy a movie. With beers, cinema-inspired food, and loungy chairs, it’s a definite need to experience location. You can even rent old VHS tapes to remember the Good Ol’ Days back before DVDs and streaming television was a thing.

30. Astro SuperBowl

Enjoy one of the greatest sports known to humanity at Astro SuperBowl. Bowl a game or two either by yourself or with friends for an enjoyable and calorie-burning night out on the town.

31. Pearl

Looking for a budget-friendly adventure? Check out Pearl. This location has been a San Antonio staple since 1883. This unique experience is a top culinary and cultural destination featuring such great finds as a Farmer’s Market, restaurants, and fine wines.

32. King William Historic District

Located south of downtown San Antonio, the King William Historic District is an area that features a beautiful neighborhood of homes built in the 1870s and early 1900s. Great for those that love sightseeing.

33. Historic Market Square

A favorite budget-friendly adventure for both locals and visitors, the Historic Market Square features sights and flavors that will take you back to old Mexico. You can shop, eat, drink, and enjoy entertainment for hours on end without breaking the bank.

34. Briscoe Western Art Museum

Experience the art and artifacts that bring the stories that shaped the west. The Briscoe Western Art Museum is a great low admission fee museum that will take you on a journey to discover how the west was won.

35. The Buckhorn Saloon and Texas Ranger Museum

The Buckhorn Saloon and Texas Ranger Museum give you two incredible journeys. One is through the exciting past of the Texas Rangers and the other allows you to experience a full Texan history all at one low price. Check it out on your next day off.

36. San Antonio Museum of Art

Housed in the historic Lone Star Brewery Complex, the San Antonio Museum of Art or SAMA is another budget-friendly museum that you can enjoy right here in San Antonio. The museum features one of the largest art collections in the area and offers hands-on experiences for children.

37. Guenther House

Established in 1988 as a restaurant by Carl Hilmar Guenther, the Guenther House is a showplace for all things Americana. The museum and restaurant feature culinary delights steeped in history and historical mill memorabilia.

38. Largest Boots in Texas

Sure, it’s a tourist trap but Texas is known for its boots, and who doesn’t want to see the Largest Boost in Texas. Located outside the North Star Mall, you need a picture of these cowboy boots for your social media.

39. Rebecca Creek Distillery

Perfect for those of drinking age, the Rebecca Creek Distillery is a great place to visit if you’d enjoy learning more about whiskey and vodka or just want to taste some. Check it out with a designated driver for the best time.

40. Spanish Governor’s Palace

Built in the 1700s, this National Historic Landmark was the original residence and working office of captains for the Spanish military from 1722 until the early 19th century. If you’re interested in learning about Spanish rule over Texas, the Spanish Governor’s Palace is the place to visit.

41. Bracken Cave Preserve

You don’t have to be the Dark Knight to appreciate bats. The Bracken Cave Preserve is located 20 miles from downtown San Antonio and is home to nearly 20 million Mexican free-tailed bats. Check it out for a fun, informative, and unique adventure.

42. Hot Wells of Bexar County

Recently named a park, the Hot Wells of Bexar County was a place where people of the late 19th century and early 20th century would go to enjoy the therapeutic hot sulfuric waters from a well. Check out this unique relic of the past next time you’re looking for something to do in San Antonio.

43. World’s Largest Virgin Mary Mosaic

Religious art can be awe-inspiring for many without any need for any religious leanings. This four-story mosaic is no different. The unique World’s Largest Virgin Mary Mosaic makes for a great story and photo op and features an eternal flame to light your heart.

44. Stumpy’s Hatchet House

Release some endorphins and experience the throwdown at Stumpy’s Hatchet House. While you will need to engage in a brief training session, you can enjoy a fun and unique outing with friends by throwing an ax or three and enjoying good food and drinks.

45. ArtPace

ArtPace San Antonio is a non-profit art residency program that supports the creation of new and unique art. With a constant rotation of new art from a variety of artists, it’ll pique your interest and introduce you to up-and-coming contemporary artists.

46. Confluence Park Kayaking

Open from sunrise to 11 PM, Confluence Park is a great place to bike or take photographs and ingest the beauty that is San Antonio. However, the greatest fun that can be had in this location is kayaking or paddling.

47. Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club

Big-name comedians like Jeremy Piven and Whitney Cummings have told a joke or two on this stage. If you’re looking to laugh the night away, check out the Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club today.

48. Jazz Night at Blue Star Brewing Company

Enjoy America’s greatest cultural achievements by checking out Jazz Night at Blue Star Brewing Company. They typically host a variety of San Antonio’s finest musicians playing music from the legends of jazz as well as contemporary artists.

49. King William Paddling Trail

Get some exercise in and appreciate the beautiful sights of San Antonio including flora, fauna, and bridges by checking out the King William Paddling Trail.

50. Armadillo Boulders

Get your body moving for enjoyment, exercise, and excitement by taking a trip to Armadillo Boulders, San Antonio’s best spot for rock wall climbing. They also offer yoga and fitness classes for the fitness buff.

51. Go Rio Cruises

Offered Monday through Sunday, Go Rio Cruises gives you a 35-minute tour of the San Antonio River Walk for a fun and informative evening out that’s perfect for all ages.

We assure you there are still a thousand more things you can do in San Antonio. If you want a constant source of entertainment, consider moving to San Antonio today by talking with a Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate: HomeCity Realtor today.