The current social landscape is a foreign one for many families. Hectic school mornings, soccer practice, dance recitals and birthday parties have all been put on hold. Parks, zoos, restaurants and stores are closed right now, and families are at home together, all day. Parents are finding themselves staring into the shining faces of their little ones, who are waiting to be entertained. Whether you are feeling your brain turn to mush from too many kids shows or are looking to distract anxious kids from the current events, we found 60 great activities you can do together that will both fill the hours at home and enrich the life of your family.


Take this time to really get your hands dirty with your kids. Baking together is a great way to subtly hone math skills, crafts teach eye hand coordination and following directions and the finished product will give you and your kids a sense of accomplishment you won’t get from finishing an entire show on Netflix.

Here are some great ideas of things to make at home:

• Ice Cream
• Origami Animals
• Cookies/Desserts
• Slime
• Stop Motion Movie
• Bubble Solution
• Rock Candy
• Fairy Garden
• Piñata
• A Time Capsule


With everyone at home, PE and recess are up to parents now. There are plenty of fun, easy activities to keep your entire family active during this time of social isolation. Exercise will help ease boredom, release stress, and work out some of those cabin fever wiggles.

Here are 10 great ways to get moving at home:

Make an indoor obstacle course
• Go on a nature scavenger hunt
• Play balloon sports in the living room
• Try kids yoga
• Go on a treasure hunt around the house
• Play playground games like Mother May I, Simon Says, Red Light/Green Light or Freeze Tag
• Put on a “Minute to Win it” tournament with items found around your house
• Play The Floor Is Lava
• Have a dance party with Austin’s DJ Mel
• Play water games


With everyone stuck at home, now is the perfect time to take a mental vacation. National Parks, zoos and museums are presenting free live stream events and offering online tours. Your family can tour the world from the safety of home and have great discussions about what you’ve seen.

Here are some of our favorite places to go:

• Cincinnati Zoo Facebook Live
• Yellowstone National Park
• Monterey Bay Aquarium Live Cams
• African Wildlife Cams
• The Great Wall of China
• The British Museum
• San Diego Zoo Live Cams
• The Louvre
• Visit Museums around the world with Google Arts and Culture
• Go anywhere with Google Earth


Nearly every parent is a homeschool teacher now, but learning doesn’t have to be isolated to the school created curriculum. Use this time to nurture your child’s interests, or build their confidence in areas where they may struggle.

If you’re looking to bulk up the learning in your house, here are some great places to start:

• Listen to an audio book or podcast
• Teach your kids a new household skill based on their age (ex. fold clothes, wash dishes, cook a meal)
• Do at home science experiments
• Use the Libby App to download ebooks from your library and have a reading marathon
• Write a story together
• Pick a dream location and plan a pretend vacation together - airfare, attractions, hotel, etc
• Memorize poems, songs or tongue twisters together, have a recital
• Listen to astronauts read books from space
• Learn Coding to build interest in math and science
• Join a Facebook live free arts and crafts class


Say hello to your inner child, let your imagination run wild and play with your kids. Don’t be afraid to be silly or make messes; you have time to clean them up now anyway. Laughter and fun will chase away anxiety and let kids focus on their job - being kids!

If you need a place to start, here are 10 great ideas for ways to play with your kids:

• Play hide and Seek
• Put on a play of your favorite book
• Go camping in the living room or backyard
• Dress fancy for a candle lit dinner
• Have a picnic in your house or the yard
• Play board games or do a puzzle
• Decorate your sidewalk and driveway with chalk art
• Have a tea party
• Play I-spy from the window or on a walk
• Build a toy city together


Social isolation is hard on everyone, and kids are no exception. Leverage the power of technology and conversation to keep your kids engaged with friends and family they are unable to see right now.

Here are 10 great options to keep your kids engaged and connected at home:

Use Facebook Live, Skype or Zoom video calls with friends or family

Research your family tree, get grandparents and older family members involved

Write letters to family or draw pictures and mail them

Have virtual story time with grandparents

Make a video update to send to friends or family

Set up a daily gratitude jar, read entries at the end of each week

Help out an elderly neighbor together - yard work, bring the trash cans back, or make a card for them

Look through old family photos together and tell them stories

Interview each other

Make a family vision board

These are just a few of the many great ways to keep your kids occupied, engaged and happy during these uncertain times. Use this as a jumping off point to seek out activities tailor made for your children and your family. Whether you have toddlers or teenagers, there are things you can do together to strengthen bonds and help everyone through current difficulties and disappointments.