There are a lot of questions that should be asked to both the REALTOR and yourself. Do you really want to sell ? Are you ready for the process? Everyone wants to get top dollar for their home so getting an experienced agent to list their home is quite important. All agents can put the property into the MLS so it can be seen on websites and by other REALTORS. The first question I want to find out is "What will my REALTOR do to market my home to bring the most amount of buyers through the door"?

Here are a few great questions to ask before listing your home.
1. What do you think my home is worth ? Hint : Do not always go with the agent who says they will list it for the most. The market drives the price so if a listing agent lists your home for 550k and it's worth 500k then you won't have the right people search for your house and come through the door.
2.What is their marketing plan to sell your home? This is the one way that you can determine who you want to list your home. The Internet is such a powerful tool. Will your agent commit to advertise your listing in key real estate web sites in addition to the MLS such as Google, Yahoo,, Excite,, etc.? You need maximum exposure to bring the most amount of buyers to your listing.
3.Photos are a huge key to the success of selling your home. So many times we see bad photos for properties which simply kill the first impression of the home. 90% of all buyers start thier shopping on the Internet and if the photos are not sharp then your property will turn off potential buyers. Ask your agent if they have the capability to quickly and efficiently e-mail Digital Pictures, Slide Shows, Aerial Photographs, and Map Views on-demand to all interested buyers?
4. We are in the Social Media age. Will your agent leverage social media sites to market your home on YouTube, Google+, Facebook & Twitter? Have they done this before?
5. Are you prepared to clean a stage your home ? What advice is your listing agent giving you? Paint, Landscaping and simply cleaning up clutter is a good start although getting a professional stager could get you an additional 10% for your house.
6.Will they consistently provide you with status reports, which include feedback from other agents and their clients, as well as, updates on the process and exactly where your home stands as the transaction progresses?
7.Do they possess the knowledge and experience to effectively market your home to the ever growing number of Internet Homebuyers, as well as, Traditional Homebuyers?
8.Do they have a proven e-mail marketing program in place, including daily notifications to potential buyers of your home and its unique features?
9. How will they follow up on potential inquiries? Do they have a dedicated Customer Service Team who can respond quickly to buyers who express interest in your home? At HomeCity we provide our agents with the extra level of support to follow up on these types of inquiries.
10.Will they provide all these services as part of their standard listing program?

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