Behr’s 2020 color of the year, is “Back to Nature” S340-4. Back to Nature is “a restorative and revitalizing green hue that engages the senses and pairs well with other colors both inside and outside your home.” In addition to the 2020 color of the year, Behr has released several color palettes inspired by Nature that meet personal tastes. There’s no doubt that Behr is moving forward with natural colors and that consumers want a choice in customization. But what does this selection say about 2020 interior design trends as a whole?

Natural colors are in

Behr’s selection of natural green is a more reserved, consumer-focused version of the 2017 Pantone Color of the year “Greenery”. Pantone referred to their 2017 color as “nature’s neutral” adding that “the more submerged people are in modern life, the greater their innate craving to immerse themselves in the physical beauty and inherent unity of the natural world”

Natural colors and light greens are making their way into the 2020 interior design space. As mentioned above, the desire to bring natural pigments into the home has contributed to the natural color choices. According to industry experts, “Pinterest’s trend reports, a 200% increase in the term ‘mindfulness’ was seen in décor related searches in the last year.” Interiors are becoming places where people go to find rest. By being more mindful about interiors, people are hoping to make their downtime more beneficial to their wellbeing. As consumers search for ways to make their spaces more relaxing by incorporating elements of the natural world, the palette they choose from has shifted to natural more reserved colors.

Colors can maximize the potential of small spaces

The ‘mindfulness’ trend in interior design has other applications. With the rise of organization trends like the Konmari method and other space and storage hacks, consumers are looking for mindful ways to maximize the potential of smaller spaces. Whether they are trying to maximize the space of a small apartment or simply making their home fit their needs, small spaces have become the focus of many interior trends.

For better or worse, our increasingly digital world has made it possible for many to work from home (or for work to follow you there). Experts often recommend establishing a space within your home if you plan to work from home so you can focus. One of the simplest ways of creating a space (even a small one) is by using color. By using an accent wall or colored accents, you can turn an unused corner of the room into a home workspace.

Included with Behr’s 2020 color selection is a selection of examples on using color to maximize small spaces. You can use creative accent walls for home offices, entryways, and dining areas to define existing spaces. If you want to get more creative, you can use an accent wall to define a new space, such as a seating area or mudroom, in what would be an empty space.

Color isn’t just for walls

One of the biggest trends of 2019 and growing into 2020 are accent pieces. With trends towards muted walls, accent pieces are becoming the fastest growing way to put some personal touches in the room. This flexibility allows for consumers to change elements of their room to reflect their current mood. Even large retailers like Target have realized that consumers what to add their flair to their homes at a moment's notice.

Colored accents are 2020’s way of bringing this consumer trend into the interior design space. Behr has jumped on this trend by presenting it’s 2020 line in many different use cases. Including bathroom cabinets, dressers, and even turning fireplace mantles into accents. By combining neutral wall colors with quickly changeable accents, consumers can experiment with adding elements that make the space unique without having to commit to changing an entire room.

As consumers in 2020 look to pair themes from inside and outside their homes, soft natural colors provide the perfect pallet to choose from. Behr’s 2020 selection sets the tone for the next decade with mindful customization leading the way.