Dallas Positions

Sales Manager - Addison

Compensation: $50,000 Annually (plus 30K commission opportunity)

Benefits Offered: Medical

Employment Type: Full-Time

The main responsibilities will be to build relationships with our current ( 60 agents ) and future Real Estate professionals. A high sales drive and passion is mandatory for this position.

Job Responsibilities:

The Market Manager must grow revenue by-

  • Engaging and motivating one on ones with each agent in the market
  • Recruiting the best talent in the industry. We have minimums of productivity to be considered as an agent for Homecity so not just any Real Estate agent will meet these requirements.
  • Building relationships in the industry is the only way to get this done. We believe that relationships fuel the Homecity Business.
  • Teach and Coach Lead Conversion – following our processes to ensure that we close the leads that are given to the agents
    • Enhance our current processes for conversion at every stage of the selling process
      • Taking the lead to initial face to face meeting
      • Getting client to make an offer
      • Getting the offer accepted
      • Managing the closing process
  • Accountable for sales and Real Estate training
    • Writing Contracts
    • Listing Presentations
    • Buying Counseling Sessions
    • Motivation Sales Trainings
  • Weekly Reports
  • Communication to Sales Team
    • Conduct a bi weekly meeting with all HomeCity agents in your market.
    • Meet with agents as needed for one on ones to discuss performance
    • Create a team atmosphere to increase sales motivation and collaboration
    • Add additional processes that would help motivate the team and grow revenue

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1. Humility and Integrity. Don’t take yourself too seriously, be open to feedback and commit yourself to greatness. Always strive to do a better job than the last time.

2. Challenge the Status Quo. Think outside the box, question best practices and become a driver of change. Find a better way.

3. Transparency. Be trustworthy and have good judgment. More information equals more context, which helps you do a better job.

4. Positivity and Support. Have fun and respect your teammates. Cultivate a supportive environment and family spirit.

5. Passion. Find what makes you passionate and pursue it relentlessly. Nothing great is achieved without enthusiasm.

6. Clear Communication. Deliver the highest level of customer service in every agent/client interaction. Look for opportunities to problem solve and identify obstacles before they become problems.

7. Collaboration. Contribute to and engage in the free exchange of ideas. Collaboration leads to innovation.

Homecity Real Estate

About Homecity Real Estate:

Founded in 2000 in Austin, TX, our company was on of the first real estate brokerages to leverage the internet to provide agents with pre-screened referrals on a monthly basis. Fast forward 15 years and several key team members later, we’re now a full service tech brokerage dedicated to establishing an environment of collaboration and innovation while empowering our agents to meet and surpass professional goals. We constantly seek out new ways to push the limits and reinvent the wheel in our industry. Bold decisions and a progressive attitude are at the heart of HomeCity’s award-winning company culture. if you’re a mover and shaker with an entrepreneurial mindset, we want you on our team! 

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