Temple is a charming city with tremendous conveniences and attractions. The town’s natural backdrop is enchanting, with fantastic views of rolling hills and plenty of serene, quiet spaces. Those who live in Temple enjoy their proximity the surrounding natural attractions, and often take advantage of some of the best camping and lake recreation in the region. Temples Lake Park, just 10 miles west of downtown Temple, features fantastic vistas and well-maintained amenities. Visitors can engage in boating, canoeing, and fishing, and for those who prefer dry land there are numerous playgrounds and trails, as well as over 60 picnic sites. All-in-all, Temples Lake Park provides residents of the city a tremendous natural retreat from modern life.

Residents are also proud supporters of the arts, and frequently patronize the Temple Symphony Orchestra. The orchestra is composed of about 70 professional area musicians, many of whom are local educators. Temple Symphony Orchestra also draws visiting national and international musicians for special concerts, making Temple a destination for classical music buffs. 

Another important feature of life in Temple is its status as a regional medical center, as the Scott and White Memorial Hospital is one of the most respected in the region. A 636-bed teaching hospital, Scott and White is both the employer of many of Temple’s residents and the site of many residents’ health care. One of the nation’s largest non-profit, group-practice hospitals, Scott and White is an important institution for the city.

Temple has experienced fairly rapid growth in recent years, with its population increasing by roughly 33% since the new millennium. And with Temple’s proximity to major metros like Austin and Waco combined with amazing recreation opportunities within its borders, such rapid growth is no surprise. For those looking for big-city convenience and small-town peace-of-mind, Temple might be your perfect home.

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