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The pocket community of Buena Vista is located in East Austin, just two miles from downtown. It’s one of the oldest residential areas in Austin, having been settled in the early 20th century. Homes for sale in Buena Vista are located on seven blocks in the north central section the Holly neighborhood.

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Every street is splashed with color from the bright walls of yellow, green, pink, and blue to the morning glories and rose bushes that brightly bloom. This is a transitional neighborhood that has rich cultural diversity. Buena Vista homes for sale are a mix of 1940s bungalows, shotgun houses, Craftsmen cottages and sleek modern new homes. The average square footage is about 675, making it a hot area for those embracing the tiny house movement. The average lot size is about 3000 sq. ft.

Despite the diminutive size of the lots, innovation and design that are hallmarks of living in East Austin have taken root. Many new buyers are attracted to Buena Vista real estate for the ability to redesign the existing structure into an updated eco-friendly home. Creatively finding more square footage by raising the roof line then adding a loft, or building a two-story addition to the back of a shotgun house, maintains the integrity of the home while enlarging the living space. Other owners have done a tear-down, then incorporated the original materials into the new home through flooring, fixtures, or fencing.

The streets are lined with legacy live oaks, cedar elms, and Spanish red oaks, but many of the yards have fruit bearing trees like apple, pear, and peach. Growing along the wooden pickets of the fences are wild blackberries and strawberries. Buena Vista real estate draws in people looking for a convenient area close to downtown and the Capitol, access to public transit, affordable housing, and a culturally diverse tapestry that defines this East Austin community.

Amenities Near Buena Vista, TX

Buyers of homes for sale in Buena Vista are likely to find a sleek new scooter shop next door to a bodega, or a woman reading La Voz sipping coffee with her companion who’s reading The Daily Texan. Colorful art is around every corner and Buena Vista is no exception.

Pan Am Park and Community Center is between Robert Martinez Jr. St. and Chicon. The center offers organized sports leagues like volleyball, softball, and basketball all year. Classes in art, music, and dance are available as are computer classes and after school programs. The amphitheater has been in use since 1956 and hosts one of the many free summer concert series featuring Tejano and Conjunto musicians from all over the southwest. Speaking of Tejano, there is a walking tour that goes through Buena Vista pointing out places where the musicians got their start and still come back to practice.

East Austin is known for great places to eat and drink. Buena Vista neighborhood has many choices available within walking distance. Stroll down to Hi Hat Public House for some twisted takes on comfort food--try the Chorizo Eggs Benedict slathered in salsa verde. Three blocks south is Juniper, a trendy dinner café with Italian food as their specialty. Puffy potatoes and the milk and honey dessert waffle got rave reviews. More casual are the food trucks across E. 5th at Pedernales. LA 1 Cajun and Creole, Hot Mess, and Saigon Le Vendeur can usually be found parked there in the evenings. The area’s Austin B-Cycle bike share stand is conveniently located there as well.

CapMetro buses #17, #122, and #320 all stop at Martinez and 2nd.

Community Resources in Buena Vista

Emergency Services:  911 for emergency


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