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You'll find Contemporary homes for sale can by driving through many Austin communities. Central Austin has a mix of contemporary and modern style homes, and for the prospective buyer, there are a few key differences between the styles.

Contemporary homes in Downtown Austin and the suburbs feature a variety of styles and influences from many design eras. When it comes to designing residential homes, the key is combining emerging technologies within the home that responds to modern living. These innovations define contemporary architectural elements in unrelated styles, such as the Texas Hill Country, suburban planned communities and mixed-use planned communities.

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Some of Austin's bungalows are renovated to include the latest design trends. You would do well the start your search for contemporary real estate in the following areas: Barton Creed, Spanish Oaks, and other communities in either the 78738 or 78735 postal areas. Alternately, have a look at Pemberton Heights in the 78703 area.

Austin is known for its place at the forefront of technology, and Austin-based architects provide a crystal ball into the future with local homes that embrace emerging design trends.

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When looking at properties tagged as contemporary, examine exterior elevation, interior floorplan and even landscaping to determine if it has features that set it apart. There is an artistic individuality that may be sculptural, contain dramatic lines, exhibit playfulness or have a variety in it exterior surfaces. Today, there is a concentration on smart technology integration in homes, so a lot of the inspiration goes into gadgets and automation that enhances a family's lifestyle. Contemporary living should create a living space that is connected and livable. For example, a contemporary kitchen will do more than aid food preparation. It should also have controls for lighting, security and trash disposal. Meanwhile, in the living room, interiors and exterior should blend seamlessly with the landscaping, with lighting and temperature control that automatically adjust for different times of the day.

The contemporary architecture utilizes natural elements such as a rocky hillside or steep slopes with cantilevered or blended design solutions that engage modified materials and innovative engineering.

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