Lighting can be overlooked when deciding to update your home. However, thoughtful lighting choices can help to bring character and warmth to your home. As we look to 2020, one thing is sure, industrial design is here to stay, and natural materials are making a comeback. 

Geometric Lighting 

The 2010's gave rise to "industrial design" and in the 2020's designers are working to refine this popular type of style. By using clean yet bold lighting fixtures, the modern and direct feel of industrial design can be incorporated without making a space too cold or rigid. 

The hanging lighting fixtures above are a perfect example of refining the industrial design style. Hash materials and shapes have been exchanged for a warmer brushed golden brass color. The fixture itself has also been divided into 5 separate hanging lights at varying heights. The asymmetry of this fixture helps to bring a natural feel to the room. 

Natural Elements

In late 2018 and 2019 we saw a growing desire for more natural elements within the home. Searches for greenery, indoor plants, and even artificial plants were up. Much of this is in response to colder designs that don't bring much life into the home. Lighting fixtures have also embraced this trend with natural elements. Woven lampshades can help to bring an element of warmth a room in a creative way.

Including natural elements can also help to tie your lighting fixtures with the rest of your interior. Natural features also allow for varying patterns that are visually appealing from sophisticated woven lamp shades to more abstract patterns that pull in geometric elements as well. 

Trending Materials

In the same way, materials have shifted away from copper and gold to more muted tones. With some influences coming from art-deco styles, gold is one of the hottest colors in 2020. Darker metals aren't out of style either; however, they are being balanced with more personal elements. Brushed metals bring warmth to otherwise frigid fixtures. Edison bulbs with glass hardware with modern metal fixtures have helped to modernize the look while bringing in classic elements.

Trends in Tech

The rise of smart home devices has allowed for more uses of LED-powered smart lightbulbs. With the rise of this technology, lighting trends have adjusted. One example of this is the use of colors. Many LED bulbs can change colors. Not too long ago, the colors of your lights were limtied, now if your room needs a splash of red, blue, green or any other color you can call on your LED bulb to give you the exact color you want. With apps, you can also create scenes within your house. Where before you may have had to rely on track lighting to light a specific area, smart bulbs can now bring light to a particular area making for a great way to accent or partition rooms thoughtfully.