With the start of a new year comes the urge to improve those areas of our lives that have been feeling less than superb - and our homes are no exception. This year, resolve to spruce up your home's curb appeal so that you love it as much as you do its interior while also increasing its market value. 

1. Add a pop of color 

Painting the front door of your home can totally transform the look and feel of a house. Whether you choose a moody gray, a bright yellow, or a funky pink; the color of your front door sets the tone for what's to come inside.  

2. Rethink the details

Small details like updating your mailbox or adding scones to frame your door shouldn't be overlooked. These details should pay homage to the style of your home, while still reflecting your personal taste. 

3. Love your landscaping

Landscaping your yard doesn't have to feel like a daunting task, it can actually be quite simple. Invest in plants indigenous to your climate for easy, year-round maintenance.  Try adding potted plants that can be moved around and covered for unpredictable Texas weather.  

4. Embrace the power of power-washing