If you enjoy tasty beers, Austin is one city in Texas that will never let you down. There are breweries, beer gardens, and taprooms galore that offer a wide variety of beers and ciders to whet your appetite and keep you coming back for more.

We’ve tried our best to make sure that all breweries on this list are still operating, however, situations may change after publication and some of these breweries may no longer be operational. Be sure to double-check the location and details before heading out to one of these! We’ve also tried to only suggest beers that are currently in production but as many of these local breweries are small-batch craft breweries, their offerings may change and suggestions may no longer be in stock.

With more and more breweries and cideries popping up in Austin every day, it's the perfect place to live for anyone who loves beer, the outdoors, and great company. Check out this ultimate list of Austin breweries, organized by area of town for your convenience. 

1. 4th Tap Brewing Co-Op

This small worker-owned brewery is a place where you can come by to savor Austin-made beer, food, music, and art. Typically open seven days a week, the 4th Tap Brewing Co-Op has been an Austin staple since 2015 and serves some of the most unique and flavorful beers you can find.

Address: 10615 Metric Boulevard

Beer to Try: Kung Fu Robot

2. Adelbert’s Brewery

Award-winning Adelbert’s Brewery is a north Austin brewery that you have to visit. They use non-GMO Bohemian floor malted barley to make their variety of complexly-flavored beers. Check them out today for a tastebud invigorating experience.

Address: 2314 Rutland Drive, Suite 100

Beer to Try: Naked Nun

3. Pinthouse Pizza

Pinthouse Pizza is a brewpub that not only serves amazing and unique handcrafted beers but also gives visitors a treat with their tasty pizzas. This brewpub has won several awards including the World Beer Cup. Try them out today!

Address: 4729 Burnet Road

Beer to Try: Electric Jellyfish

Courtesy of: Celis Brewery

4. Celis Brewery

Pierre Celis is the founder of Austin’s Celis Brewery. This family-owned and operated brewery offers its visitors unique beers featuring top-quality ingredients that are crafted with meticulous attention to detail.

Address: 10001 Metric Boulevard

Beer to Try: Celis White

5. Black Star Co-Op

Best known for being the world’s first cooperatively owned and worker-managed brewpub, Black Star Co-Op is where you want to be. Since 2010, this community microbrewery has severed award-winning beers alongside locally sourced pub fare to all who have entered its doors.

Address: 7020 Easy Wind Drive, Suite 100

Beer to Try: Vulcan

6. Austin Beerworks

Austin Beerworks does everything it can to serve its patrons some of the finest beers in Texas in some of the coolest atmospheres around. They even have their own quality control lab! With fun seasonal beers like the popular Sputnik that are hugely popular and tasty, reliable staples, Austin Beerworks is a great place to visit year-round.

Address: 3001 Industrial Terrace

Beer to Try: Fire Eagle

Courtesy of: Austin Beerworks

7. Oskar Blues Brewery

Known as the Original Craft Beer in a Can, Oskar Blues Brewery was originally started in Colorado in 2002. They started with Dale’s Pale Ale but now offer a variety of different beers to their patrons.

Address: 10420 Metric Blvd, Suite 150

Beer to Try: Pinner

8. Hopsquad Brewing

Hopsquad Brewing is never afraid to try new ingredients or techniques when it comes to making beer. The experimental nature of this brewery keeps customers coming back to try all their new and unusual offerings.

Address: 2307 Kramer Lane

Beer to Try: Lord Zanate IPA

9. Fairweather Cider Co.

This Austin brewery offers up something a little different. The Fairweather Cider Co. creates hard cider that communicates simple elegance. They focus on innovation and fun and create hard ciders that pair well with a good time.

Address: 10609 Metric Blvd, Suite 108A

Beer to Try: Smell The Van

Courtesy of: Fairweather Cider Co.

10. Save The World Brewing Co

Founded in 2012, Save The World Brewing Co. is an Austin brewery that crafts beers using some of the finest ingredients. This is a brewery on a mission and donates its profits to a variety of local and national charities.

Address: 1510 Resource Parkway

Beer to Try: Fructum Bonum

11. Circle Brewing Company

Since 2010, Circle Brewing Company has existed to serve their fans beers that exude the concept of purity through simple design. They promise that the beers they create are free from chemicals, stabilizing agents, and cheap additives.

Address: 2340 W Braker Lane, Suite B

Beer to Try: Blur Texas Hefe

12. Willard’s Brewery

Made up of a group of dedicated artisans, Willard’s Brewery is named for its leader who is passionate about well-crafted beers. They offer a variety of craft beers that are designed to delight and surprise the senses.

Address: 2400 Patterson Industrial Drive

Beer to Try: Fistful of Fury Hazy IPA

Courtesy of: The Brewtorium

13. The Brewtorium

The Brewtorium is a locally owned mom-and-pop style brewery and kitchen that offers visitors a chance to taste a wide variety of house-brewed craft beers and creative cuisine that pleases the taste buds.

Address: 6015 Dillard Circle, Suite A

Beer to Try: Third Date Vibes

14. Draught House Pub & Brewery

Originally founded by Wayne Overton, the Draught House Pub & Brewery continues in his memory. Now operated by Josh Wilson, the brewery is on a mission to craft unprocessed craft beers that are not only unfiltered but also never use clarifying agents.

Address: 4112 Medical Parkway

Beer to Try: Northwestern Pale Ale

15. Hi Sign Brewing

Say Hi to Hi Sign Brewing next time you’re in the mood for a quality craft beer. This brewery was established to reward beer enthusiasts with some of the freshest, highest quality, and world-class craft beers.

Address: 1201 Bastrop Highway, Building A

Beer to Try: Hi-C IPA

16. Zilker Brewing Company

Patrick and Forrest Clark started Zilker Brewing Company in 2008 with their best friend Marco Rodriguez. Originally started in a garage, this brewery eventually grew into the thriving taproom you can visit today where they serve high-quality craft beers.

Address: 1701 East Sixth Street

Beer to Try: Marco IPA

17. Austin Eastciders

This collaborative taproom is home to Austin Eastciders. Started by Ed Gibson and Mark King, this duo began producing some of the tastiest ciders in Austin back in 2012. They brew fine ciders using bittersweet apples. Try some today.

Address: 979 Springdale Rd, Suite 130

Beer to Try: Blood Orange Cider

Courtesy of: Central Machine Works

18. Central Machine Works Brewery

Since 2019, Central Machine Works Brewery has been an Austin, TX staple. The team at this brewery works hard to ensure that all of their beers achieve optimal flavor, including aging their beers to perfection.

Address: 4824 E. Cesar Chavez Street

Beer to Try: Mosaic IPA

19. Lazarus Brewing Company

Started by a former pastor, the Lazarus Brewing Company truly takes to heart the old saying, “beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” Their brewery exudes passion for not only quality beer but also their community.

Address: 1902 E. Sixth Street

Beer to Try: 40 Days & 40 Nights

20. Blue Owl Brewing

Blue Owl Brewing was started in 2015 to make approachable and unique sour beers. They are guided in their passion for comfortable approachability. Their beers are not only affordable but are also welcoming, as is their taproom.

Address: 2400 E Cesar Chavez St, Suite 300

Beer to Try: Spirit Animal

Courtesy of: Live Oak Brewing Company

21. Live Oak Brewing Company

Live Oak Brewing Company is a brewery that has long been committed to producing some of the most delicious lagers and ales you’ll find in Austin. Founded in 1997, they are touted as being Austin’s original brewery.

Address: 1615 Crozier Lane

Beer to Try: Live Oak HefeWeizen

22. Oddwood Ales

Focused almost exclusively on crafting unique American-style wild ales, Oddwood Ales is a brewery and pub located in East Austin that has rapidly become a local favorite. Check it out today if you get a chance.

Address: 3108 Manor Road

Beer to Try: Brief Nudity

23. Moontower Cider Co.

Moontower Cider Co. is a brewery dedicated to creating some of the finest ciders that you’ll ever have the privilege of tasting. This company experimentally approaches cider making looking always for ways to craft new and delightful discoveries.

Address: 916 Tillery Street

Beer to Try: Semi-Dry

Courtesy of: Moontower Cider Co.

24. Southern Heights Brewing Co.

A small East Austin brewery, Southern Heights Brewing Co. is focused on having the freshest and best beers available. Their beers are known for being easy to drink and their taproom is welcoming and friendly to all, even your favorite four-legged friends.

Address: 6014 Techni Center Drive

Beer to Try: Hoodie Weather

25. Hops & Grain

Hops & Grain brewery is committed to being a good neighbor and to that end this brewery connects with local organizations to bring attention to all the things that make Texas great. One thing that makes Texas great is the high-quality and unique craft beers they serve.

Address: 507 Calles Street

Beer to Try: The One They Call Zoe

26. St. Elmo Brewing Company

St. Elmo Brewing Company is a brewery and beer garden that exudes a welcoming and friendly atmosphere. They are a unique bunch that also run a semi-monthly hiking league for the outdoorsy drinker.

Address: 440 E. St. Elmo Road

Beer to Try: Waco

27. The Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co.

Also known as ABGB, the Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co. is a company that believes that its beer has the power to make everything better. To prove that point, they won the Great American Beer Festival Brewpub of the Year three years in a row making this a must-visit brewery.

Address: 1305 West Oltorf

Beer to Try: YSB #20 Strawberry Citrus Stimulus

28. Meanwhile Brewing Co.

Located on 3.7 acres in Southeast Austin, the Meanwhile Brewing Co. brewery, taproom, and beer garden is one place you’ll want to visit. They pride themselves on serving world-class beer in an atmosphere that provides their patrons with relaxation and respite.

Address: 3901 Promontory Point Drive

Beer to Try: Glorious Fiasco

Courtesy of: Meanwhile

29. Austin Eastciders (Barton Springs Location)

A second location is available to lovers of Austin Eastciders, the Barton Springs location is a restaurant that offers early morning visitors coffee drinks and pastries all provided by local vendors. Those that visit later in the day can enjoy good ciders, pizza, sandwiches, and more in a cozy restaurant environment.

Address: 1530 Barton Springs Road

Beer to Try: Mango Spiked Seltzer

30. (512) Brewing Company

The (512) Brewing Company is a brewery that makes conscious decisions when it comes to crafting its beers. They are dedicated to being eco-conscious by conserving water and using recycled and recyclable materials to create their beers whenever possible. They also use organic base malt.

Address: 407 Radam Lane

Beer to Try: Calculon IPA

31. Texas Keeper Cider

Started in 2013, Texas Keeper Cider is a craft cider brewery started by three friends who were all born and raised in Austin, TX. They are committed to crafting complex but approachable ciders.

Address: 12521 Twin Creeks Road

Beer to Try: Cider Noir

Courtesy of: Texas Keeper Cider

32. Orf Brewing

The motto of Orf Brewing is 'creativity in ale forms' and consumers of their unique hybrid ales will attest to the validity of that statement. This brewery specializes in making American hybrid ales that blend non-traditional and traditional elements to form exceptional and distinctive craft beers.

Address: 4700 Burleson Road Unit F

Beer to Try: Oocheenama

33. Nomadic Beerworks

Launched by two brothers because of their love of all things craft beer, Nomadic Beerworks has been an Austin staple since 2019. Their beer exemplifies their dedication to being carefree and daring in all that they do.

Address: 3804 Woodbury Drive Suite A

Beer to Try: Peak Season

34. Thirsty Planet Brewing Company

Established in 2010, the Thirsty Planet Brewing Company strives to create excellence in all they do. The brewery’s commitment to giving visitors a unique experience is exemplified by its small-batch program where every month they bring new concoctions to the public.

Address: 8201 South Congress

Beer to Try: Thirsty Goat Amber

Courtesy of: Independence Brewing Company

35. Independence Brewing Company

Independence Brewing Company was started in 2004 to serve quality beers to the independent drinkers and thinkers of Texas. Founded by Rob and Amy Cartwright, this brewery offers beer aficionados a wide variety of tasty and unique beers.

Address: 3913 Todd Ln., Suite 607

Beer to Try: Stash IPA

36. Last Stand Brewing Company

Located on South Congress Avenue, Last Stand Brewing Company is an Austin brewery that was founded in the mid-2010s. Their taproom is located in an inviting and picturesque location with a spacious beer garden. They pride themselves on giving attention to the smallest details.

Address: 7601 S Congress Avenue, Building 6

Beer to Try: Coffee Porter

37. Oasis Texas Brewing Company

The Oasis Texas Brewing Company taproom features award-winning beers, a craft kitchen, and great music for all those who visit. Locals love to come here to drink a cold one and watch the sunset while chowing down on a tasty burger. The view here is one of the best in Austin!

Address: 6550 Comanche Trail

Beer to Try: Meta Modern Session IPA

38. Infamous Brewing Company

Also located in Far West Austin is the Infamous Brewing Company. They are one brewery that’s guided by their love of drinking tasty beers. They won best in show for their Hijack cream ale at the 2016 Brewski Awards.

Address: 4602 Weletka Drive, Suite 200-300

Beer to Try: Sweep The Leg

39. Jester King Brewery

Jester King Brewery is much more than a place to find delightful craft beers. They are also a kitchen, farm, and event hall located on a 165-acre ranch. They strive to create a welcoming and special atmosphere for all members of the community to enjoy.

Address: 13005 Fitzhugh Road, Building B

Beer to Try: Tongueshlap DDH IPA

Courtesy of: Jester King Brewery

40. Beerburg Brewing

Beerburg Brewing started in 2012 and has grown and developed with the multitude of changes in the craft brewing industry. This brewery exists because they love brewing and the community that surrounds it. They brew for on-site consumption, not retail distribution.

Address: 13476 Fitzhugh Road

Beer to Try: Bourbon Barrel-Aged Milk Stout

41. Central District Brewing

This small-batch craft brewery offers visitors a community-focused taproom with an extensive variety of tasty beers. The goal of Central District Brewing is to not only create some of the finest ales you can find in Austin but to also create lasting friendships.

Address: 417 Red River Street

Beer to Try: Belgian-Style Golden Ale: Hopelessly Nice

42. Holdout Brewing

“Good beers, good burgers, and good times.” That’s what you’ll find at Holdout Brewing. The team at this brewery is dedicated to crafting delicious beers that local Austinites can enjoy.

Address: 1208 West 4TH

Beer to Try: Liquid Television

43. Guns & Oil Brewing Co.

What’s more Texas than guns and oil? Possibly it’s Guns & Oil Brewing Co. This brewery was formed to embrace the great American values of boldness, character, opportunity, innovation, and grit. You can taste these values in every beer they serve.

Address: 807 East 4th Street

Beer to Try: Wild Bill

44. Fitzhugh Brewing

Co-owner Kerby Smith is a woman who wanted to share quality craft beers in a small setting with her community. Fitzhugh Brewing is all about great beer without the fuss. They offer a welcoming environment that will please both casual beer drinkers and aficionados.

Address: 15435 Fitzhugh Road, Dripping Springs, 78620

Beer to Try: Kentucky Common

45. One Shot Distillery & Brewery

One Shot Distillery & Brewery is a veteran-owned craft brewery and distillery located just outside of Austin in Dripping Springs, TX. They are on a mission to create top-quality craft beers using the finest local Texas-sourced agricultural ingredients. They also dedicate their time and money to supporting organizations that help first responders and veterans.

Address: 31610 Ranch Road 12, Dripping Springs, 78620

Beer to Try: Blitzkrieg Dopplebock

46. Bell Springs Brewing Co.

Bell Springs Brewing Co. is located on over 10-acres of land just 25 minutes outside of Austin. The brewery offers inspired craft beers and on the weekends they have delicious food provided by their full-service food truck for all to enjoy.

Address: 3700 Bell Springs Road, Dripping Springs, 78620

Beer to Try: Bell Springs Stout

Courtesy of: Bell Springs Brewing Company

47. Acopon Brewing

Specializing in English Ales, Acopon Brewing creates craft beers because of their love for traditional English Ales. They believe that their beers have the potential to restore the minds, bodies, and spirits of all who imbibe.

Address: 211 West Mercer Street, Dripping Springs, 78620

Beer to Try: Hans Trapp

48. 12 Fox Beer Company

A group of Army combat engineers fell in love with craft beer when stationed together in Germany. 12 Fox Beer Company likes to keep things simple, that’s why they use single-sourced malt to give their beers a smooth sip you won’t find anywhere else.

Address: 4700 West Fitzhugh Road, Dripping Springs, 78620

Beer to Try: The Quad

49. Real Ale Brewing Co.

Just outside of Austin in Blanco, TX you will find the Real Ale Brewing Co. Since 1996, they have worked hard to craft beers that help drinkers develop a deeper appreciation for the simpler things in life. They are dedicated to quality beer and never use preservatives or artificial colors.

Address: 231 San Saba Ct, Blanco, TX 78606

Beer to Try: Squirt Gun

Courtesy of: Family Business Beer

50. Family Business Beer Co.

Family Business Beer Co. is a family-oriented brewery located on 15 acres just outside of Austin. They are kid-friendly with a play space dedicated to entertaining little ones. For the older crowd, they offer a variety of hand-crafted tasty beers and some of the best pizza you can find in Texas from their very own food truck.

Address: 19510 Hamilton Pool Road, Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Beer to Try: The Grackle

51. Vista Brewing

Located just outside of Austin in Driftwood, TX, the Vista Brewing Driftwood beer garden is where you can retreat from a long day to find fresh air and even fresher beers. They offer hyper-local food and beverages to all those who visit.

Address: 13551 FM 150 W., Driftwood, TX 78619

Beer to Try: Desert Skies - Sotol Barrel-Aged Farmhouse Ale

52. Twisted X Brewing Company

Located in the beautiful Dripping Springs Area, Twisted X Brewing Company offers a variety of fine small-batch craft beers. They take great pride in using and sourcing quality ingredients for every batch that they produce.

Address: 23455 West Rural Route 150, Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Beer to Try: Chupahopra

Courtesy of: Twisted X Brewing Company

53. Roughhouse Brewing

In 2019, Roughhouse Brewing was started by a team looking to perform meaningful work that brought them closer to their land, community, and themselves. Located on a 50-acre ranch in San Marcos, they serve refreshing American farmhouse beers for all to enjoy.

Address: 680 Oakwood Loop, San Marcos, TX 78666

Beer to Try: Dark Horse

54. Strange Land Brewery

Strange Land Brewery was founded by a team of dedicated brewing professionals to celebrate the beer less traveled. They concoct handcrafted beers that pique the interest and delight the taste buds.

Address: 2500 North East Inner Loop, Georgetown, TX 78626

Beer to Try: The Austinite Pilz

55. Barking Armadillo Brewing

Barking Armadillo Brewing is family-owned and operated. Started in 2013, the team has evolved its brewing style over the years to reach peak perfection today. They hope their beers and taproom offer visitors a way to strengthen bonds with their community.

Address: 507 River Bend Drive, Georgetown, TX 78628

Beer to Try: Belgian Strong Dark Ale

56. Bluebonnet Beer Company

Established in 2013, the Bluebonnet Beer Company is owned and operated by husband and wife team David and Clare Hulma. They have one goal for their brewery, to share flavorful and award-winning craft beers with their community.

Address: 1700 Bryant Drive Suite 107, Round Rock, TX 78664

Beer to Try: Immortal Ten - Hannah

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