Tortillas with any variety of fillings are considered tacos—and San Antonio is known for having some of the best in Texas. Almost everyone loves tacos and there's a taco for almost everyone.

The tacos in San Antonio are not only tasty but offered in so many varieties, that it’s just so hard to choose. We don’t know if it’s the proximity to Mexico or just the talent of our local chefs that make them so tasty but here’s a list of the 35 best tacos in San Antonio.

1. Pete’s Tako House - Bacon and Egg Breakfast Taco

If you’re hankering for a taco in the AM, why not rush on down to Pete’s Tako House. The bacon and egg breakfast taco is priced to sell and comes with a healthy portion of bacon and eggs. It hits the spot for most diners, but some suggest adding cheese to make it even more delightful.

2. Don Pedro’s Molino - Potato and Egg Breakfast Taco

With ultra-crispy potatoes and light and fluffy eggs, Don Pedro’s Molino’s potato and egg breakfast taco is just the dish you need to start your day. While the potato and egg taco is certainly our favorite, if it’s not the right taco for you, don’t be dismayed. They also make an “eggcellent” chorizo and egg taco.

3. Tacos N Salsa - Bean and Cheese Breakfast Taco

Tacos N Salsa is known for having some of the most “full-filled” tacos in San Antonio. If you’re looking for a taco that will give you the energy you need to start your day, grab a bean and cheese taco and get ready to begin your journey with your new favorite taco place.

4. Los Tacos Gueros - Trash Can Tacos

The large and tasty trash can taco might be your best bet if you need a lot of food to get you going in the morning (afternoon or night as well). Made by the team at Los Tacos Gueros, the trash can taco is a fan favorite and comes with carne guisada, beans, eggs, potatoes, bacon, and cheddar cheese.

5. Taco House - Chorizo and Egg Breakfast Taco

Do you like chorizo? If you love the spicy Mexican sausage, Taco House’s chorizo and egg taco is just the right dish to help you start your day. The best thing about their breakfast taco is that the portions are on point and you get the perfect mix of egg and chorizo.

6. Little Taco Factory Mexican Restaurant - Chicharrones Crispy with Egg Breakfast Taco

The chicharrones crispy with egg breakfast taco is one of the most splendid tacos available in San Antonio. Little Taco Factory’s Mexican Restaurant’s taco is filled with light and fluffy eggs and some of the crispiest fried pork you can find, this is a delectable choice for those searching for the next big thing in breakfast tacos.

7. Chelas Taco - Chilaquil Breakfast Taco

The chilaquil breakfast taco is a unique taco offered by Chileas Taco. Filled with beans, diced potatoes, and bacon, it’s a different flair on a breakfast taco and will help you to break up the monotony of the traditional breakfast.

8. Taquitos West Ave - Al Pastor Tacos

Breakfast might not be the time for tacos for you but if you enjoy tacos for lunch or dinner, then the al pastor tacos at Taquitos West Ave are what you want to grab. Al pastor tacos offer eaters a combination of both Middle Eastern and central Mexican spices. Try them, your taste buds will thank you.

9. Tacos and Chelas Mexican Kitchen - Shrimp Tacos

You may have had a fish taco but have you ever had a shrimp taco? Tacos and Chelas Mexican Kitchen offers diners a delicious taco option filled with perfectly cooked shrimp that comes with a creamy sauce that’s too good to even try to describe. While eateries often skimp on the shrimp, this taco is filled to the brim. Try one today.

10. Taqueria El Trompo - Campechanas Mini Tacos

Everything tastes better miniaturized and that statement continues to ring true with the campechanas mini tacos by Taqueria El Trompo. The campechanas tacos are a mix of carne asada and al pastor with cheese. Not very hungry? With these miniaturized tacos, you have a great dish to share with a friend.

11. Tacos el Regio - Veggie Tacos

Beans, cheese, tomato, cilantro, lettuce, avocado, queso fresco, and your choice of red, green, or avocado salsa are what make the veggie tacos by Tacos el Regio great. These tacos are not on the menu but they’re a fan favorite. Vegan? Try them without the cheese and queso fresco, we know you’ll love them.

12. El Chivito Tortas Ahogadas - Birria Tacos

A Mexican dish straight from the state of Jalisco, birria is stewed meat traditionally made with goat but often substituted with beef or mutton. El Chivito Tortas Ahogadas’ birria tacos make mouths celebrate. If you haven’t tried them, go now.

13. Pete’s Tako House - Fish Tacos

Paired with a sweet but not cloyingly sweet mango pico de gallo is the fish taco from Pete’s Tako House. Yes, Pete’s is on the list a second time. They happen to make amazing tacos. If you’re craving a fish taco, why not go for one of the best fish tacos in all of San Antonio.

14. El Pastor es Mi Señor - Al Pastor Tacos

With possibly the best al pastor tacos in all of San Antonio, El Pastor es Mi Señor is true to its name. They roast their meat on a spit as the gyro shops do. The al pastor meat is cooked perfectly and deeply flavored and with them priced so reasonably, they’re great for anyone with a big appetite.

15. Taquitos West Ave - Cabeza Street Tacos

Street tacos are smaller than your normal fare and traditionally served on corn tortillas. If you’re looking for some of the best street tacos in Texas, let alone San Antonio, try the cabeza street tacos at Taquitos West Ave.

16. Fat Boy Street Tacos - Vegan Street Tacos

The vegan street tacos with grilled portobello mushrooms and red and green bell peppers are good enough to make a meat-eater question their life choices. Even if the vegan option isn’t your taco of choice, Fat Boy Street Tacos has so many options, you’re bound to find something that makes your mouth water.

17. Taquitos Mexico - Carne Asada Street Tacos

The Taquitos Mexico Food Truck offers its hordes of hungry diners a variety of options but the best of them all is the carne asada street tacos. The tacos come with the traditional onions and cilantro which will make anyone looking for authentic street tacos happy.

18. Birrieria Estilo Jalisco - Tacos Dorados Street Tacos

If you’re looking for authentic and tasty street tacos, why not head on down to Birrieria Estilo Jalisco. Their tacos dorados are filled with shredded meat and are so good you might want to take some extras home (if they make it there). This eatery typically has a wait, but it’s well worth it.

19. Gordo’s Mini Tacos & Snacks - Carne Asada Street Tacos

Gordo’s Mini Tacos & Snacks’ carne asada street tacos come in a plate of five with charro beans. While you could certainly share your plate with a friend, they taste so good you’ll be willing to forgo the friendship.

20. El Taco Grill - Chorizo Street Tacos

Are you looking for an authentic, tasty, and satisfying chorizo street taco? Then you’ll need to mosey on down to El Taco Grill. While they offer some diverse options to choose from the chorizo is certainly the best. With low prices, you’ll be able to eat your fill without having to take out a second mortgage.

21. Taco Blvd - Barbacoa Street Tacos

Not trying to drive down to Mexico today but definitely in need of a proper street taco? Don’t worry Taco Blvd has you covered. If you’re looking for an authentic style street taco, you can’t go wrong with their barbacoa street tacos. Feeling adventurous? Try the molleja instead.

22. Ben-Go Tacos & Burgers - Alambrito Taco

A beef asada skewer with onions, bell peppers, bacon, and ham, Ben-Go Tacos & Burgers offers diners a unique taco to break up the monotony. The flavors are amazing and you’ll want to come back again.

23. Torchy’s Tacos - Fried Avocado Taco

If you’re looking for a unique vegetarian taco option, try Torchy’s Tacos’ fried avocado taco. Fresh hand-battered avocado slices are deep-fried and paired with vegetarian-style refried beans, pico de gallo, lettuce, and cheese. Make sure to get the poblano sauce for a truly tasty dish.

24. Coreanos - Korean BBQ Taco

Coreanos offers adventurous diners a unique taco offering with their Korean BBQ tacos. The tacos come with your choice of meat (beef or chicken), cabbage, cilantro, Korean BBQ sauce, sesame seeds, and a lime wedge. Yum!

25. La Feria del Taco - Papa con Chorizo Vapor Taco

Have you ever had a vapor taco? If not, you’ll love these steamed tacos by La Feria del Taco. Paired with pickled carrots, they cannot be beaten. Make sure you pick up some of the pickled cabbage with your tacos, it’s a taste you won’t find anywhere else.

26. Ray’s Drive Inn - Chicken Puffy Taco

Ray’s Drive Inn is known for their legendary puffy taco, this just might be the best puffy taco in all of Texas. While they have a variety of puffy tacos to choose from, we recommend the chicken puffy tacos as they are a fan favorite.

27. El Pastor es Mi Señor - Taco Arabe de Sirloin

Here’s another on our list from El Pastor es Mi Señor. Their taco arabe de sirloin is to die for filled with sirloin meat, onion, and cilantro. It seems like typical taco fare until you get to the pineapple and pita bread. If you’re looking for something different, this is it.

28. Beto’s Alt-Mex - Roasted Veggie Taco

Yet another tasty vegetarian option. Mushrooms, sweet potato, squash, green peppers, onions, guacamole, and cotija cheese, the roasted veggie taco, from Beto’s Alt-Mex, is one of the best veggie tacos in San Antonio. Give a try, you won’t regret it.

29. Eddie V’s Prime Seafood - Maine Lobster Taco

You’ll love the Maine lobster tacos at Eddie V’s Prime Seafood. Made from choice pieces of Maine lobster, housemade fresh tortillas, and grilled sweet corn pico de gallo, this fresh take on fish tacos is a decadent addition to your taco bucket list.

30. Biga on the Banks - Salmon Taco

The New American restaurant, Biga on the Banks is home to the ultra-swanky salmon taco. They’re great as a sharable starter, even though they are typically served as a main dish. If you’re looking for something fancy, but you still want a taco, this is a great choice.

31. Bohanan’s Prime Steak and Seafood - Fish Tacos

Looking for a fish taco made by one of the best chefs in San Antonio? Look no further than Bohanan’s Prime Steak and Seafood. While people typically dine here for surf and turf, try out the fish tacos. They’ll leave you pleasantly surprised.

32. Mixtli - Tacos de Canasta

A progressive Mexican experiment in cuisine, Mixtli, serves up some of the best tacos you’ll ever want to eat. While the menu changes seasonally, they have served a tacos de canasta that you’ll want to grab before it goes off the menu.

33. The Grill at Leon Springs - Spicy Smoked Pork Tacos

Visit The Grill at Leon Springs if you love a spicy pork taco. Their spicy smoked pork tacos are just the bit of spice that you’ve been missing from your life. Not into spice? They’ve got a variety of other dishes to keep you tastebuds entertained.

34. Ostra - Tuna Taco

Inside the Mokara Hotel and Spa, rests Ostra, home to a delectable tuna taco. Served with wasabi aioli, lime, and cucumber, wrapped in a wonton shell, this taco is the reason you’ll fall in love with San Antonio all over again.

35. Chart House - Cajun Fish Tacos

The New American steak and seafood restaurant, Chart House, has one of the best fish tacos you’ll find in San Antonio. These cajun spiced fish tacos come with jack cheese pico de gallo, cabbage, and ranch dressing. If you’re looking for something new to try, this is just the place.

If you love tacos, this list has one (if not many) tacos that you’ll absolutely have to try. Want to be able to eat any of these tacos any day of the week? Move to San Antonio. BHGRE HomeCity can help you find the perfect home for you!