Leander, a suburb north of Cedar Park, has experienced record-breaking growth over the last few years. Recently named the fourth fastest growing city in Texas by the U.S. Census Report, Leander is showing no signs of slowing its growth anytime soon. Areas like Cedar Park and Georgetown are also booming, but Leander is ­–predicted to be the leader in this arena.

Capitalizing on the cities 62 square miles of buildable space, the city shows more than 20 new developments being built around the city. That’s around 14,000 homes! They’ll be needed to accommodate the predicted extreme population growth over the next 20 to 25 years. The population currently sits at 35,000 but is projected to soar to over 250,000 by 2037.

Why are people choosing to flock to Leander? One reason is their exemplary Leander Independent School District. Leander High School and Rouse High School got above average test scores and were ranked in the upper percentile of schools in Texas. They are known for continually improving their curriculum while teaching and modeling ethical behavior. The city’s growth has had an impact on the school district, which is also growing. Officials believe that by 2025 at least 11 new campuses should be built, and the district has already grown considerably in the last few years.

Another reason is because of continually rising home prices in Austin. Many buyers are being priced out of the most popular areas of Austin such as Westlake, Downtown, and Central Austin. Leander is a bit farther out and has enough room to accommodate the influx of people moving to the area every day. Because of this, home prices are lower in Leander, and buyers can get a lot more house for their money.

Demographers predict that Leander will be the biggest city in Williamson County in the next 25 years, which means they are likely to attract the only thing they are missing – major employers. While there aren’t too many in the area currently, city officials say that many are interested in moving to Leander.

Their first five-story building will be finished soon, which will be the tallest building in Leander. Additionally, Austin Community College is building a new campus next to the Metrorail. Surely these won’t be the last new additions, as we watch the town grow from sleepy suburb to major North Austin city.