At more than 6.6 million residents, Dallas-Fort Worth is one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the U.S. Over the last decade, more than 1 million new residents have flocked to the region, and it’s no wonder either: With a great job market, a booming economy and plenty to do and see, it’s a place just primed for the picking – especially for the young professionals and Millennials who crowd today’s real estate market.

The DFW Metroplex is especially appealing to renters; though some of the country’s biggest cities saw rent gains of more than 14 percent over the last year, rents in Dallas remained right on par with the national average. In fact, when the average rent was $1,170 across the country last month (an all-time high), it clocked in at just over $1,000 in good old Dallas.

But like any other city, rents depend on where you look, what the community amenities are and other factors, and both Dallas and Fort Worth have some affordable areas and, well, some not-so-affordable ones, too. Thinking about finding a new place? To make an informed decision, here’s a breakdown of the cities’ cheapest and most expensive zip codes to rent in (for both Dallas and Fort Worth), courtesy of apartment search website RENTCafé:

Dallas – Most expensive zip codes for renters:

To get an idea of just how disparate Dallas rental rates can be, consider this heat map. While a large number of zip codes have media rents of just $700 or less per month, a good chunk lie on the opposite end of the spectrum, with rents at $1,101 or above.

According to the report, the most expensive zip codes and areas of Dallas are:

  1. 75225 – The home of prestigious neighborhoods Preston Hollow and University Park, this zip is home to all the top doctors, lawyers, politicians and professional athletes in Dallas. Though the area is largely sprawling estates and gated mansions, there are more than 1,300 rental in the area units (in buildings with 50 or more rentals), which come in at an average rent of $1,744 a month.
  2. 75201 – This zip is home to Uptown, where the bulk of Dallas’ nightlife is located. Here, you’ll find countless bars, upscale restaurants and more, as well as the Arts District, which offers museums, concert venues, athletic arenas and other attractions with premium entry fees. More than 9,000 rental units lie in this zip code, with a median rental price of $1,614.
  3. 75207 – Also called the Stemmons Corridor, the 75207 zip commands a median price of $1,571 per month.
  4. 75201 – Another zip code of Uptown Dallas, this is where you’ll find Deep Ellum, an on-the-rise neighborhood full of galleries, concert venues, studios and more. More than 12,000 rental units line the streets, with a median rent of $1,545.
  5. 75202 – Home to the historic West End District, 75202 is where you’ll find the famed Book Depository, the Old Red Courthouse, and tons of shopping and dining. Based on the 1,178 rental units sampled for the report, it has a median rent of $1,475.
  6. 75205 – Right up there with Preston Hollow and University Park, Highland Park is one of the most prestigious communities in Dallas. Its median rent comes in at $1,458 a month.
  7. 75219 – With a prime location and tons of dining and shopping, it’s no wonder Oak Lawn is such a hit with the younger generation. Median rent: $1,394 per month.
  8. 75226 – Catering to the artsy crowd, this Deep Ellum zip boasts easy access to live music, comedy, art shows and 24-hour dining, and has a median cost of $1,325/month.
  9. 75251 – Another zip code of the exclusive Preston Hollow neighborhood comes in on the 9th spot with a median rent of $1,291 per month.
  10. 75206 – The zip code of Hillside and Greenland Hills, this area boasts easy access to White Rock Lake, an active person’s dream. With running trails, kayaking and more, there’s never a dull moment here. The area commands a median rent of $1,201.

Dallas – Least expensive zip codes for renters

Fortunately, not all Dallas zip codes will cost you $1,200-plus a month in rent. In fact, there are actually a large number of affordable, budget-friendly areas that can offer you plenty of bang for your buck across the city. Those areas include:

  1. 75216 – On the Southern end of downtown Dallas, this Cedar Crest zip is home to some pretty affordable real estate. Its median rent is just $625 per month.
  2. 75241 – Another southerly community, this Highland Hills is located in the Oak Cliff part of Dallas, an area that’s recently been experiencing a revival of sorts, but who’s median rent was not elevated past $650.
  3. 75227 – Situated on the East side of town in Buckner Terrace, this zip also boasts quick access to White Rock Lake. Its median rent comes in at $665/month.
  4. 75210 – Can’t wait for the Texas State Fair? You’ll be able to smell the corn dogs from your window in this Fair Park zip code that commands a median rent of $675 a month.
  5. 75224 – On the outskirts of Oak Cliff, you’ll find this Wynnewood and Redbird zip code. A planned community from the early 1900s, it boasts 1,856 rental units and a low median rent of $675 per month.
  6. 75253 – Located on the Southeast side of town, Kleberg is a great place for families. With a number of schools, parks, and playgrounds, it has a median rent of just $680.
  7. 75237 – Home to Redbird, a group of smaller neighborhoods on the South end of Oak Cliff, Redbird boasts a golf club, an airport, a mall and more. It has 5,110 rental units and a median rent of $680.
  8. 75220 – Live in this Koreatown/Walnut Hill zip code, and enjoy easy access to dining, shopping and family fun; the SpeedZone mini golf and go-kart park is just minutes away. The zip has 8,493 rental units and a median rent of $680.
  9. 75228 – This one’s in Casa View, a residential neighborhood in the Northeast part of Dallas. It boasts schools, libraries, shopping, and a median rent of $685 per month.
  10. 75217 – Just a few minutes from downtown Dallas, this Pleasant Grove zip offers easy access without all the hustle and bustle of the big city. Median rent: $695.

Fort Worth – Most expensive zip codes for renters

Now, let’s move to the West side of the Metroplex, to Fort Worth. Definitively more “country” than its more upscale counterpart, Fort Worth is home to a lot fewer high-end rental communities and offers many more in the $700 to $900 per month price range.

Let’s take a look at those sparse expensive zip codes first:

  1. 76102 – When you think of Fort Worth, this is the area you think of. Home to the historic Stockyards and part of downtown, it has a median rent of $1,395 a month.
  2. 76110 – Near the medical district, TCU, the Fort Worth Zoo and the booming Magnolia area, this zip is home to neighborhoods Ryan Place, Fairmount, Rosemont and Worth Heights. It has a median rent of $1,350.
  3. 76107 – Home to Rivercrest, Arlington Heights, Monticello and the Cultural District, it’s no wonder this area is one of Fort Worth’s highest-priced. It is home to museums, theaters and even the town’s annual rodeo. It boasts 3,963 rental units and a median rent of $1,224.
  4. 76177 – Located on the far North end of Fort Worth, this zip includes Alliance Airport, a small corporate and cargo airport within the city limits. Its 1,522 rental units have a median rent of $1,125 per month.
  5. 76109 – The zip code of TCU itself, this zip is home to two types of people: Students and wealthy families. Neighborhoods include Overton Woods, Tanglewood and Westcliff, with a median rent of $1,085.
  6. 76131 – Home to North Fort Worth communities like Loughridge Lake, Willow Springs, and Northbrook this zip has lakeside access, and a median rent of $1,002.
  7. 76155 – Situated way up North in the heart of HEB (Hurst-Euless-Bedford) 76155 is a suburban dream with a median rent of $989.
  8. 76137 – An upscale group of neighborhoods that includes Summerfields, Fossil Creek, Bonnie Brae and Parkwood Hill, this zip commands a median rent of $986.
  9. 76126 – The zip of family-friendly Benbrook, where you’ll find all the city’s best dining and shopping right and where you should expect a median rent of $899 a month.
  10. 76179 – In the Northeast part of the city, you’ll find this Saginaw-area zip, with a median rent of $878.

Fort Worth – Least expensive zip codes for renters

Like Dallas, Fort Worth has a plethora of more affordable properties, too, many of which are located on the West and South sides of the city.

Here are the top 10 least expensive zip codes in “Funkytown”:

  1. 76115 – At the junction of I-35W and I-20, this zip offers more than just convenience. It has the lowest median rent in the city: just $610 per month.
  2. 76103 – Want to play a game of soccer or take your pup out for a day in the sun? This Meadowbrook and Gateway Park zip is perfect. With easy access to the local park and dog park, it boasts a median rent of $620.
  3. 76112 – Just a little further down the road is this zip, which includes Meadowbrook, Ryanwood and Handley, and that commands a median rent of $650 per month.
  4. 76119 – On the far West side of town, you’ll find this zip code, which includes neighborhoods Glencrest, Eco Heights, and South Edgewood. The median rent is $651.
  5. 76105 – Another Westerly neighborhood, this zip includes Polytechnic Heights and Stop Six, and has a median rent of $665.
  6. 76114 – Right near Ridgmar Mall, the city’s Joint Reserve Base and Sansom Park, this River Oaks and Westworth Village zip has plenty to offer, including a median rent of just $675.
  7. 76133 – On the South end of the city is this affordable zip, which boasts the Wedgwood, Candleridge and South Hills neighborhoods. Its median rent is $700 a month.
  8. 76116 – Just North of Benbrook, you’ll find this Western Hills/Ridglea Hills zip, which includes the bustling street of Bryant Irvin. Home to tons of shops and restaurants, its median rent of $740 is a pure steal.
  9. 76104 – Near museums, the zoo, the convention center and more, this zip offers easy access to all Fort Worth’s best for a monthly rent of $740.
  10. 76120 – Situated in the East, just between Fort Worth and Arlington, this zip is a commuter’s dream with a median rent of $745.


The least and most expensive zip codes were determined by RENTCafé using median rent data from Yardi Matrix, an apartment market intelligence service that offers rental forecast reports and detailed property information on more than 110 markets. The median rent was determined by the actual rent charged in all apartment buildings with 50 or more rental units.

Only zip codes where data was available for 200 or more rental units have been considered for the Top 10 Most Expensive and 10 Cheapest Zip Codes lists, and many zip codes were eliminated due to low sample size. The heat maps, however, were generated using all zip codes, despite sample size.