A mudroom may instinctively sound like an inevitably messy space, but modern-day mudrooms with hidden storage and easy-to-clean furniture certainly don’t have to be. Whether your home was built with a classic mudroom or not, you can turn any small entry space into a practical space to keep the rest of your home mud-free.

The Basics of a Mudroom

Every basic mudroom needs to be practical, so organization is the key. Having built-in storage near an entryway is a great beginning, but if you don’t happen to have a readymade space, start by adding a small storage shelving unit to hide clutter. Place metal baskets in the cubbies to house items such as sporting equipment, athletic shoes, or any other small and loose objects that come in and out of the house frequently. No mudroom is complete without a bench to rest on while you’re switching gears (and clothes!) from cool outdoor weather to cozy inside vibes.

Function for the Family

Generally, the mudroom will be the first room you enter in your house, so the chances of dealing with flying school paperwork and rowdy kids are high. Keep your mudroom family functional by placing a few key pieces throughout, including a designated space for kids artwork. Set up a neutral but practical laundry basket. Install a hanging command center to stash mail, bills quickly, and other important files you may have in hand when you enter.

Keeping it Clean

Creating a magazine-worthy mudroom is one thing, but maintaining a clean and neat space in your home is quite another. Make pick-up easy by having a small cordless vacuum nearby for quick pickups of dried mud and grass. Neatly stack bar mop towels in a metal bin and avoid the guilt of using the “good towels” for muddy messes. Stash some of your favorite cleaning sprays with a clean, crisp scent to offset any chaos brought on by hurried entries to your home.


Function is the main priority of a mudroom, but there’s no need to deprive the space of useful accessories that will help the room sparkle. Prevent slippery floors by placing a medium-sized umbrella vase in the corner of the room for smart storage. Install sturdy hooks to hang drippy raincoats, and hang a charging station to the wall for easy charging and storage of tablets, cell phones, and even your work laptop.

No matter what “level” of mudroom you decide to create, remember that form and function are the most important “rules” of the mudroom. Keep your entryway neat, organized, clean, and useful for everyone in your family, and enjoy the most of Texas autumn weather this season.