Podcasts, the radio shows of the digital age, are a popular and continuously growing medium, with shows on every topic imaginable. There are a wealth of real estate, entrepreneurial and motivational podcasts available, and many find themselves spoiled for choices.

We’ve combed through the ranks and can confidently recommend 30 podcasts that will be sure to deliver a weekly dose of motivation, inspiration, tools and tricks in easily digestible segments. Access these great shows from any device, be it desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

1. Agent Rise

Image Credit: Agentrisepodcast.com

Hosted by real estate coach and REALTOR® Neil Mathweg, Agent Rise offers tips and tricks to grow your real estate business. Mathweg’s goal is to help stuck agents get “unstuck” and bring out their “inner rockstar.”

Through his podcast, practical advice and inspiration are delivered in a conversational tone, making it feel as though you’re simply enjoying coffee and advice with a good friend.

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2. Massive Agent Podcast

Image Credit: MassiveAgentPodcast.com

Join host Dustin Brohm for insights on a wide range of topics relating to marketing and lead generation. Brohm, a Utah REALTOR®, is also a nationally recognized speaker, columnist for Housing Wire, and founder of the Massive Agent Society - a real estate coaching program with an emphasis on social media.

His aggressive tone and call-it-like-it-is manner gives his podcast a rock and roll feel and is sure to inject energy into your workday.

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3. Get Real (SABOR)

Image Credit: SABOR

The San Antonio Board of REALTORS® produces Get Real, but any Texas real estate professional will find the wealth of industry topics useful. Hosted by SABOR CEO Gilbert Gonzalez, it offers a newscast style delivery and features great interviews with industry experts on a variety of legal and hot button issues including fair housing, real estate trends, and the finer points of being a non-disclosure state.

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4. GSD Mode

Image Credit: gsdmode.com

Short for Get Sh*t Done, GSD Mode is designed to inspire you to do just that. This energetic podcast boasts itself the #1 most downloaded real estate agent podcast.

Founded and helmed by REALTOR®, entrepreneur and mentor Joshua Smith, GSD Mode covers real estate, entrepreneurial and general life coaching topics, as well as interviews with industry, entrepreneur and fitness experts. The in-your-face approach is designed to kick you into high gear.

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5. Inman Reconnect

Image Credit: inman.com

Inman is the industry standard for real estate news, and Inman Reconnect continues that proud tradition with thought-provoking interviews featuring industry experts and pioneers to help take your real estate career “to the next level.”

Hosted alternately by Founder Brad Inman and Inman Editor Clelia Peters, Reconnect episodes deep dive into stories of success as well as insightful discussions on current real estate topics.

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6. Lab Coat Agents

Image Credit: Daniel Friesenecker

If you’re looking for techniques and motivation on lead generation and conversion, it would be worth your time to give a listen to Lab Coat Agents. Its unusual moniker comes from the desire to “explore the science of real estate” and hosts Tristan Ahumada, Jeff Pfizer and Nick Baldwin spend each episode doing just that.

Whether analyzing a new lead generation program or talking with an industry expert on technique, their conversational yet scientific approach is sure to provide you with fresh ideas on how to improve your lead conversion game.

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7. Kevin Ward’s YES Talk

Image Credit:  yesmasters.com

Kevin Ward, self-styled “no B.S. Real Estate Success Coach” delivers his YES Talk podcast as an arm of his widely popular and successful YesMasters Real Estate Success Training.

With topics ranging from housing market forecasts to how to generate a fear of missing out with potential buyers, Ward serves up clear and concise advice on how to adapt and flourish in the ever-changing market of real estate.

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8. NAR’s Center for Realtor Development

Image Credit: NAR

Tune in to this National Association of REALTORS® podcast for the latest industry knowledge from a variety of sources. Host Monica Neubauer is an award-winning real estate instructor and renowned speaker. She delivers a wealth of knowledge and conducts interviews with other industry leaders with an approachable style designed to help REALTORS® stay abreast of the current real estate issues and education.

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9. Real Estate Coaching Radio

Image Credit: Real Estate Coaching Radio

Cohosts Tim and Julie Harris have a laundry list of accolades to their names, including Inman’s “Best Coaches in the Industry” and #1 international best selling authors of “HARRIS RULES, Your No-BS Practical Step by Step Guide to Finally Becoming Free.”

Their daily podcast is an industry staple, it is touted as the #1 daily podcast for the real estate industry. Real Estate Coaching Radio is presented in a conversational style, packed with insights and tips on how to overcome real estate obstacles like unmotivated sellers, lost listings and your own lack of motivation.

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10. Real Estate Realities - The Rebel Broker

Image Credit: soldbyrobert.com

Join host and “Rebelbroker” Robert Whitelaw of Silicon Valley, CA, for discussions on relevant market topics, including today’s real estate headlines, multiple offers and housing inventory. Each topic is delivered concisely, with most shows lasting under 20 minutes, but packed with a robust serving of stats and data.

With a sound reminiscent of a traditional radio program, Real Estate Realities offers current industry updates with a retro feel.

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11. Real Estate Red Zone Podcast

Image Credit: TAMUREC

Tune in to the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M’s new weekly podcast to stay up to date on Texas real estate and economy trends. Featuring a newscast style, and peppered with relevant audio snippets and interviews with both industry experts and Real Estate Center research staff, each show breaks down a current topic affecting Texas real estate.

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12. Real Estate Rockstars

Image Credit: hibandigital.com

Real Estate Rockstars hosts Pat Hiban and Aaron Amuchastegui interview “real estate rockstars”, delving into what techniques they used to build and maintain their success. Get inspiration and insights from top agents like Rebecca Donatelli and Elliot Hoyte and get insider tips from Zillow coaches and other industry-related experts.

Hiban and Amuchastegui are real estate rockstars in their own right, Hiban is a former billion-dollar agent and #1 Remax agent and Amuchastegui is a highly successful entrepreneur with interests in real estate investment and construction.

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13. Real Estate Success Rocks

Image Credit: corenyc.com/agent/patrick-v-lilly/

Join top New York City real estate broker Patrick Lilly and the top producing agents of REV for a dose of motivation. Their goal is to guide other REALTORS® to both grow their business and enjoy life more with a down to earth approach and sense of humor.

Whether they spend the episode musing on past successes and failures or deep diving into digital marketing, you are sure to walk away motivated and armed with useful information.

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14. Real Estate Today Radio

NAR’s consumer-facing podcast, Real Estate Today Radio is designed to help those interested in buying or selling a home. While it is not geared towards REALTORS®, this fast-paced, energetic podcast is a great way to stay abreast of industry information and brush up on tips and advice you can pass on to your clients.

With show topics ranging from first time sellers to real estate in the military, you are sure to pick up new information presented in a fresh, easy to digest package.

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15. Evolve with Danny Morel

Image Credit: facebook.com/Danny.Morel.Page/

Danny Morel’s eponymous podcast is designed to inspire REALTORS® and other real estate professionals to reach their full potential. Episodes range from self-improvement topics delivered in a calming, almost meditative tone to in-depth interviews with professional athletes and successful entrepreneurs and coaching sessions on how to handle sales objections.

Morel’s eclectic approach to real estate success is sure to help you think outside the box to grow your real estate business.

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16. Scratch That

Image Credit: ABOR

The Austin Board of REALTORS® fresh-faced podcast invites you to “Scratch what you think you know about this business and listen up for a new take on an old industry.” Each episode is hosted by a different industry expert and isn’t afraid to tackle tough topics like prejudice in the housing market and the future of artificial intelligence and real estate.

You don’t have to be an Austin area REALTOR® to enjoy this current podcast, which keeps its finger on the pulse of the real estate market.

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17. Super Agents Live

Image Credit: supereagentslive.com

From the first beats of energetic opening music, Super Agents Live is a shot of phonic caffeine, deep diving with real estate agents who sell more than 50 million a year, award-winning authors and real estate coaches on the secrets of their success.

Host Toby Salgado brings a varied background in real estate, sales and entrepreneurship to bear on a host of invigorating topics with his guests.

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18. Texas Real Estate Radio Network

Image Credit: facebook.com/TXRealEstateRadio/about/

Cohosts Jason Bible and Robert Orfino, two Texas real estate investing heavyweights, bring a wealth of real estate experience to the table as they comment on a range of real estate and investing topics.

Their no-nonsense tone and can-do approach make even the loftiest investment goals seem attainable. REALTORS®, especially those who work with or want to work with investors, are sure to benefit from this weekly podcast.

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19. The Brian Buffini Show

Image Credit: blog.buffiniandcompany.com/

Real estate heavyweight Brian Buffini hosts this inspirational podcast designed to explore the “mindsets, motivation and methodologies behind true success.”

With his smooth Irish lilt and candid delivery, Buffini explores the esoteric side of business motivation, with topics such as The law of the harvest and rebuilding after loss. Occasional big-name guest hosts include authors, professional athletes and celebrities.

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20. The GaryVee Audio Experience

Image Source: garyvaynerchuk.com

Hosted by another famous face in the business world, entrepreneur and CEO of VaynerMedia, Gary Vaynerchuk, the GaryVee Audio Experience is just that -an experience. Episode topics and mediums vary from show to show.

Interviews, fireside chats, keynote speeches, or short musings from Vaynerchuk himself are blended together, and are designed to motivate anyone who is in business for themselves. It’s not real estate specific, but it will give you great inspiration on how to build your dream.

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21. Tom Ferry Podcast Experience

Image Credit: tomferry.com

Join top-ranked real estate and business coach Tom Ferry for his regular podcasts to explore how to find and fulfill your potential. Download his Monday podcasts for a 5-minute motivational boost.

Wednesdays will bring you an exploration into a relevant real estate topic, through interviews, keynote speeches and business training. Every Thursday episode is a #TBT, featuring a previously aired, but still relevant, podcast.

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22. RISE

New York Times best selling author Rachel Hollis created the RISE podcast to provide her listeners with valuable advice that is applicable in real life.

Each episode she interviews powerhouses of the business world and inspirational leaders on the subjects of business entrepreneurship and personal development.

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23. Hack the Entrepreneur

Image Credit: hacktheentrepreneur.com

Gravelly voiced host Jon Nastor promises “no filler and no fluff” in this entrepreneurship podcast. His self styled “interrogations” of entrepreneurs and start-up founders are designed to uncover the secrets of their success. Learn how to stay motivated, overcome obstacles and plan for the future.

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24. HBR Ideacast

Image Credit: HBR.org

Harvard Business Review’s weekly podcast features “the leading thinkers in business and management,” including CEOs, professors and sports champions. It’s academic tone and variety of current topics give insight on matters of business, entrepreneurship and interpersonal relations.

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25. Social Media Marketing Podcast

Image Credit: socialmediaexaminer.com

Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner offers expert tips and sage advice on how to properly utilize social media marketing to grow your business. Each show features a knowledgeable guest host and an easily digestible topic, such as how to utilize Facebook live, to help you leverage the full power of social media in your marketing plan.

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26. Today with Jared James

Image Credit: jaredjamestoday.com/

Entrepreneurship meets real estate in this informative podcast, hosted by real estate coach, entrepreneur and author Jared James.

Whether he is interviewing knowledgeable guests, replaying a recent speech or expounding on the highs and lows of running a multi-million dollar company, James is sure to inspire you and give you practical advice to improve your own business plan.

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27. Top Agents Playbook

Image Credit: topagentsplaybook.com

A Real Estate podcast with a global perspective, Top Agents Playbook is aimed at REALTORS® and industry professionals in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Host and real estate coach Ray Wood presents tips, tools and advice from top real estate agents, revealing the secrets of their success and how to innovate in your real estate career.

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28. Crazy Sh*t in Real Estate

Image Credit: leighbrown.com

Successful REALTOR®, author, speaker and CEO Leigh Brown brings this no-holds-barred look at the world of real estate and all the crazy stuff that can happen there.

According to Brown “if you like real estate and you love crazy, this is the podcast for you.” Serious topics are delivered each week flavored with generous helpings of humor and sarcasm as she and a guest host break down a crazy story and reveal its real-life application.

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29. Top Listing Agent Show

Image Credit: Top Listing Agent Show

With more than 20,000 individual coaching sessions under his belt, host and producer Chadi Bazzi has fine-tuned the art of real estate success. Every week Bazzi presents valuable information that can be immediately applied to your business.

Through interviews with top agents, question and answer sessions and specific training, he will guide listeners to greater success in their real estate career.

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30. Real Estate Uncensored

Image Credit: realestateuncensored.libsyn.com/

Each of Real Estate Uncensored’s three weekly live recorded podcasts is designed to give listeners “actionable ideas, insight and inspiration to turn your real estate career into a life of freedom.” Shows focus on how to utilize technology to improve your productivity and increase business. They also cover more abstract topics like how to get rid of limiting beliefs. Hosts Matt Johnson and Greg McDaniel bring a great deal of real estate experience and history of innovation to the table as they interview guests and hold deep-dive discussions.

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Whether you look them up from time to time to get inspiration or regularly subscribe to one, or several, of these shows, we’re sure you will benefit from the information and motivation you garner.

Access the Apple Podcasts app for iPhones or Google Play for Android to listen to, download or subscribe to any of the podcasts we mentioned on your tablet or smartphone for on the go convenience.

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