In 2014, LinkedIn introduced its long-form posting platform, which allows its users to blog to their spheres. Previously only available to 500 high-profile CEO’s, influencers and celebrities who published thousands of posts, the platform is now available to everyone to use. While researching this tool, I couldn’t help but notice that the feature is absolutely perfect for real estate agents. It allows you to increase your visibility, demonstrate your thought leadership, and remain top of mind with your network, while simultaneously expanding your network. With a network of 330 million professionals on LinkedIn, there are endless possibilities for growth in your business.

Why is this platform so perfect for real estate agents?

It’s extremely efficient. You can achieve so many different branding efforts in one step using this platform. It allows you to increase your visibility by positioning yourself as an influencer. People who find your articles helpful will want to join your professional network, and you never know who could possibly become a prospect. Demonstrating your thought leadership is incredibly important if you want to build a relationship of trust with your professional network. The tool allows you to remain top of mind by posting frequently, which leads to the expansion of your network.

Posts don’t need to be extremely lengthy. People in the real estate business lead very busy lives, and many don’t have time to write 1,500 blog articles. Many don’t have the desire to write an article that long. Conveniently, users on LinkedIn want to read articles that are short, sweet, and to the point. A post containing 350 – 550 words is preferred over a lengthy diatribe, allowing the writer to blog their thoughts in a succinct manner. Taking an hour out of your week to answer a question common amongst your clients or post information relevant to clients can prove fruitful in your efforts to grow your sphere.

It allows an agent to create and nurture a distinctive brand image. Since real estate professionals maintain their own business, it’s important to create a brand image specific to their demographic. The LinkedIn blogging tool allows you to build a network independent of your brokerage and foster relationships with your own clients. Blogging about your area of expertise is one of the more efficient ways of doing this. Creating relevant content helps you build a relationship of trust with your network. People want to work with one of most knowledgeable people in their field, and this helps you prove that you are one of them.

The moral of the story here is that if you are a real estate professional, it is extremely beneficial to explore the LinkedIn blogging tool, and utilize it to grow your sphere of clients, potential clients, and business contacts!