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It’s hard to believe that yet another year has gone by, but as we head into fall, it’s a perfect time to evaluate the feel of your home to get the most out of your space. Some homeowners find themselves torn between starting a new home improvement project and wanting to just relax in your seemingly fine-as-is space, but achieving a truly individual home doesn’t have to be an overwhelming chore. Sometimes all it takes is a simple update to transform your home from “a roof over our heads” into a haven for self-care, wellness, and productivity. Consider these small but meaningful ideas to maximize the potential of a healthy space in your home. 

Using Home Decor to Create Wellness Zones

Use home decor and other strategically purchased pieces to create an atmosphere that nurtures your creativity and tranquility. More and more homebuyers are nixing the big acreage and square feet for a smaller home, so make the most of that smaller space with these easy-to-create wellness zones:

Hobby Room

It’s time to dedicate a space to those skills you’ve been meaning to hone in on. Nurture your creative side in a hobby room, complete with tools, materials, and sketchbooks of ideas. Dedicate a small bookshelf to store your gear and relevant hobby books to inspire you. If you don’t have the space to dedicate an entire room, create a zone by stocking a comfortable desk or workstation with everything you’ll need.

Home Gym/Yoga Studio

Finish the year strong with a healthy workout routine, made possible by your home gym area or dedicated yoga space. Physical wellness can be increased by including a minimalist weight set, workout mat, a Bluetooth speaker, and space for you to stretch after working out.

Home Office

Working and paying bills in a healthy atmosphere is better for you in the long run, according to Dr. Nancy Molitor, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. “Financial well-being enables people to better enjoy life in general,” says Molitor. The good news is that it is simple and easy to create an office space for productivity. Create a designated area to file bills, sort mail, and store important paperwork and licenses; enabling you to work efficiently and stay on track.

Overall, when creating wellness zones, keep in mind that these zones are meant for anyone, whether you live in a small condo or a sprawling farmhouse. Maximize the potential of smaller spaces by combining wellness zones in the same room. Have a “book nook” in one corner of the room for cozy Sundays, with your home office desk adjacent for your productive M-F workload. Prop your yoga mat and weights in the corner of your bedroom for a double-functioning area. Other small touches can help add to the overall comfort of your home. Add a small plant for oxygen, or an essential oil diffuser to purify the air and add a pleasant aroma. Plants in a bathroom window can add greenery to a space, while it enjoys soaking up the mist of your morning shower.

Go Full-On with a House Project and Install Helpful Wellness Tools

If you’re feeling the need to do a complete makeover, there are plenty of options and tools that can help you create an entire home focused on wellness. Consider installing a water treatment system, so that your pool and indoor water serve soft, treated water that has many benefits for both your body and household appliances. If cleaner air is your goal, consider installing air filters that help prevent humidity and mold build-up in your home. While you’re at it, create a small garden or flower bed in the backyard to help clean the outside air as well. Creating a pollinator-friendly yard gives you the green space you need, while providing a haven for bees and other beneficial wildlife. Install large, double-paned windows for air efficiency and let in the natural light. For the ultimate calming space, install a greenery wall for dampening noise, creating a dreamy quiet space with fresh air for meditation or work.

 Whether you go for big renovations or small meaningful adjustments, taking the time to create specific zones within your home will help increase productivity and decrease the mental noise in your environment. These spaces will encourage you to seek out those things that help you feel at your mental and physical best, by making them easy and readily available.