Texas: the land of freezing-yesterday and blistering-tomorrow. Our weather is unpredictable, at best, but fall is here, and so are cooler afternoons. It’s the perfect time to do a Texas-style garage declutter, and these few tools will help you get it done. 

Shelving: Tackling the clutter in the garage can be overwhelming, so start with the big stuff. Install shelving units around the perimeter of the garage, and start clearing up the floor from big items, like tubs of holiday decor, or small machines like a Shop-Vac. Once you have room to walk around, you’ll feel better about tackling the small stuff. 

Garage Broom + Dustpan: It’s time to give back to your garage by giving it a wall-mounted broom and dustpan set of its own. Dedicating a separate set allows you to easily access those handy tools without tracing dusty debris in and out of your clean home. The next time a blustery wind of leaves comes through, you’ll be sweeping them away before you can procrastinate that pesky chore. 

Screw and Nail Organizer: Perhaps the most daunting small project of all, getting down to the nitty gritty of organizing those small metal bits and pieces may seem trivial. But placing them in designated spaces helps you in the long run when you randomly need a 2 ¼” screw down the road. Plus, when you’re finished, you will feel like an organizing superhero. 

Holiday decor storage: It’s November, and holiday decorating is in full swing. While that decor is decking the halls, get your game plan ready for annual storage. Consider a holiday tree bag, ornament organizers, and wreath bags that you can easily place on your shelving unit when stored. 

Texan Pro-Tip: November is a popular time for rattlesnakes to search for food sources in warm cozy places, like your garage. Keeping your outside space decluttered and clean will help deter those sneaky slitherers. If you do come across any critters, be the ultimate, well-mannered Texan by calling a professional wrangler to remove it. Keep your eyes peeled, and your garage will soon be a high-functioning space free of unwanted guests.