Are you considering Austin as your next new hometown? If you’re a parent or soon-to-be parent, you need to know what school districts are the best in your new home’s area.

We’ve taken the time to analyze the individual ratings of each school within each district from both Niche and Great Schools to come up with an aggregate rating. Using this rating we ranked the school districts. Below you will find the 12 best school districts in the Austin area.

1. Eanes Independent School District

At the top of our list is Eanes Independent School District. It is rated the best school district in Texas by Niche and serves the communities of Westlake Hills, Rollingwood, Seven Oaks, and Davenport.

Home to Westlake High School, one of the best schools in Texas, the district is committed to seeing all of its students succeed. The district uses a “WHEEL” method of education. WHEEL stands for Well-rounded person, Healthy individual, Effective communicator, Engaged Citizen, and Life-long learner. To this end, the district makes sure that every student has access to arts and humanities.

For students and parents interested in pursuing advanced academic endeavors, the district not only offers its children gifted and talented programs but also offers access to accelerated math, credit by exam courses, and AP placement classes.

Area of Town/Neighborhood: Westlake Hills, Rollingwood, Seven Oaks, Davenport

What Parents and Students Are Saying: “The academics are rigorous and challenging. Teachers are accessible to the students for tutoring or outside help. The campus is always warm and inviting, and the athletics here is a perennial powerhouse!”

Our Rating of the School District: 4.72 out of 5

2. Lake Travis Independent School District

Lake Travis Independent School District wants its students to “learn together and lead together.” Recently, the school district received 72 different grants totaling to $251,000 to help improve their offerings to students.

The district is committed to college and career readiness and has designed programming to equip all of its students to become college, career, and life ready. To achieve these goals schools in the district offer activities like mathletes, orchestra, and one of the best athletic programs available to Austin area athletes.

The school district works hard to support all of its students, from its quality gifted and talented program to its understanding and dedicated staff of special education teachers. Whatever your child needs the Lake Travis ISD works to provide the programs they need to thrive.

Area of Town/Neighborhood: Bee Cave, Briarcliff, Lakeway, The Hills

What Parents and Students Are Saying: “Our children have attended LTISD schools since kindergarten and are now at LTHS and continue to have a good experience.”

Our Rating of the School District: 4.39 out of 5

3. Dripping Springs Independent School District

With a 15 to 1 student-teacher ratio, Dripping Springs Independent School District is a top-rated school district committed to ensuring the success of all its students.

The district has a strong athletics program. Most recently, the Girl’s Cross Country Track Team placed fourth in the state at the Texas State Championships. Furthermore, the Dripping Springs High School Lady Tigers Soccer Team placed first in the 2020 Regionals.

As far as academics are concerned, the district has a strong STEM program with lots of extracurricular opportunities in subjects like robotics and science. Students of the high school can participate in not only AP and Pre-AP program courses but can also choose accelerated academics and dual enrollment or dual credit programs taught by both Austin Community College and University of Texas instructors.

Area of Town/Neighborhood: Dripping Springs, Bear Creek, Driftwood

What Parents and Students Are Saying: “Teachers are willing to help students be successful. The teachers are very good and always provide a friendly classroom environment. There are a lot of class options available such as regular, pre-ap, AP, GT, ACC, and UT On-Ramps. There are various electives available in every subject.”

Our Rating of the School District: 4.14 out of 5

4. Leander Independent School District

While Leander Independent School District serves over 40,000 students, it still maintains a relatively low 15 to 1 student-teacher ratio. This dedication to small class sizes has helped the area to better meet its motto’s goals of leading its students to a bright future.

There are 44 different schools in the Leander district and most of them are highly rated like Vandergrift High School, Canyon Ridge Middle School, and Laura Welch Bush Elementary School. Schools like these allow students to benefit from a variety of educational and extracurricular activities including robotics clubs, advanced programs, and AP coursework.

For students and parents interested in athletic achievements Leader ISD offers a number of sports for its students including an award-winning golf team, a cheer program, and football. The district also offers summer sports camps to students wishing to improve their strength and conditioning over the summer break.

Area of Town/Neighborhood: Northwest Austin, Leander, Georgetown, Jonestown, Round Rock

What Parents Are Saying: “My daughter is about to graduate [from] GHS. It is new, huge, very cozy, clean. Teachers are very good.”

Our Rating of the School District: 4.10 out of 5

5. Round Rock Independent School District

There are 57 schools in the Round Rock Independent School District. It stays true to its motto, “inspiring students to learn; empowering students for life” by offering them small class sizes and a plethora of opportunities to learn and grow with athletics and educational instruction.

Students attending schools in the Round Rock district have the opportunity to achieve their educational goals at any number of the highly esteemed schools including, but not limited to, Westwood High School, Round Rock High School, and James Garland Walsh Middle School. The district even offers students multi-linguistic and integrated technology options to better meet their learning needs.

For student-athletes, the district is home to a variety ot sports including regional champs the Westwood tennis team and Round Rock’s boys cross country track team. In the summer months, many of the schools offer sports camps to help students stay fit, healthy, and competitive during the long summer months.

Area of Town/Neighborhood: Round Rock, parts of Austin, Cedar Park

What Parents Are Saying: “The Round Rock Independent School District is improving as the years go on. The school district takes great pride within their prepping for State tests, any extracurricular activities, and their school environments!”

Our Rating of the School District: 3.96 out of 5

6. Liberty Hill Independent School District

Every campus in the Liberty Hill Independent School District has been recognized by the Anti-Defamation League for its efforts at stopping hate. The district serves the more than 4,000 students living in Liberty Hill, Texas with its seven different schools.

Schools in the district are dedicated to enriching the lives of their students by offering them a varied educational program complete with AP classes, gifted and talented programs, fine arts, and extracurricular activities like the robotics team. Its team of passionate educators works hard to offer all their students opportunities to learn and grow.

Athletics are also a passion for the Liberty Hill ISD. They offer students a wide variety of athletic programs including football, basketball, golf, and powerlifting.

Area of Town/Neighborhood: Liberty Hill

What Parents Are Saying: “The teachers really seem to love the children and what they do & they share a sense of pride in the opportunity to teach these children using resources that provide new ways of learning and a more open-minded way of teaching.”

Our Rating of the School District: 3.96 out of 5

7. Wimberley Independent School District

With a 14 to 1 student-teacher ratio, Wimberley Independent School District really embodies, “strength, innovation, and excellence.” To further meet the high goals of its motto, the school makes sure to meet the needs of all its students with dedicated teachers and educators in not only accelerated programs but also special education services.

The school system offers its students many opportunities to excel in the classroom with AP coursework, dual credit programs, gifted and talented programs, and the arts. Arts programs include band, theater, costume design, and studio arts, to name a few.

For athletes, the district offers a variety of sports programs to help foster cooperation, fitness, and community spirit. Students can go out for all the traditional sports including cheer, golf, football, and basketball.

Area of Town/Neighborhood: Wimberley

What Parents Are Saying: “I've attended both Danforth Junior High School and Wimberley High School and my time as part of this district has been nothing short of valuable! I feel that being a part of the schools has shaped me as a person and I've always felt accepted and truly had a great time in school, in both classes and extracurricular activities.”

Our Rating of the School District: 3.96 out of 5

8. Lago Vista Independent School District

Serving the Lago Vista community is the Lago Vista Independent School District. With nearly 2000 students spread across four different schools, the district works hard to embrace excellence in everything that they do.

They offer their student-athletes enhanced opportunities to shine with their highly regarded sports programs. Their cheer program recently took first place in the UCA North Texas regional cheer competition. Furthermore, they are home to not only an award-winning cross country team but also a championship-winning football team.

While educational opportunities abound for both middle school and elementary school students, high school students in Lago Vista can participate in a variety of clubs and organizations that help to further enhance their educational opportunities.

Area of Town/Neighborhood: Lago Vista

What Parents Are Saying: “I can tell you that this school is full of people who love kids and want to do the right thing. The teachers work hard and do whatever it takes for kids to succeed. My graduate wouldn't have made it without the team of teachers and admin that pulled her through. They really care.”

Our Rating of the School District: 3.75 out of 5

9. Pflugerville Independent School District

With 31 schools and over 25,000 students, Pflugerville Independent School District is next on our list. The school system is highly rated and is one of the best school districts in Travis County according to Niche.

Students of the Pflugerville district have ample educational opportunities and can attend highly rated schools like Murchison Elementary, Kelly Lane Middle, and Hendrickson High. At these schools, students have the option of participating in education enriching programs like the United States Marine Corps Junior ROTC, the marching band, and a host of clubs and organizations including Dungeons and Dragons club.

The district offers students a wide variety of athletic and academic opportunities for success including Advanced Placement courses, Dual Credit programs, and advanced academic coursework for students looking for an intensive learning challenge.

Area of Town/Neighborhood: Pflugerville, parts of Austin, Coupland, Hutto, Manor, Round Rock

What Parents Are Saying: “This district has amazing schools with lots of diversity, amazing teachers, and a prime learning environment. I always felt safe while going here and the newer additions to the district were really good about starting new traditions and creating its own culture.”

Our Rating of the School District: 3.46 out of 5

10. Austin Independent School District

Although the Austin Independent School District is the educational hub for nearly 80,000 students, it still maintains small class sizes and boasts a 14 to 1 student-teacher ratio.

The school district is home to the best public school in all of Texas, Liberal Arts & Sciences Academy. But many of the schools in the district are also highly rated and will provide students with ample opportunities for educational and athletic opportunities for educational and athletic advancement.

The Austin ISD athletics program is top-notch and works hard to instill respect, leadership, teamwork, and sportsmanship, key skills necessary to their lives beyond the field. With 22 university interscholastic athletic activities at 31 different schools, every student has an opportunity to shine.

Area of Town/Neighborhood: Most of Austin

What Parents Are Saying: “The classes are amazing and once you get through the basic courses you can explore Quantum Mechanics in Modern Physics or prepare for a pre-med degree in Anatomy and Pathophysiology.”

Our Rating of the School District: 3.33 out of 5

11. Hutto Independent School District

“Inspiring excellence in academics, character, and community” is the motto of the Hutto Independent School District. The school district has nine schools: six elementary, two middle, and one high school attending to the needs of over 7,000 students. It maintains small class sizes to facilitate increased learning opportunities.

The Hutto High School Student Choir recently qualified for the All-State Choir Area Contest and is committed to providing students ample opportunities to learn with their dedication to not only the arts but also traditional educational opportunities like AP classes, JROTC, and college and career readiness.

The school district’s athletics program is diverse and offers students opportunities to show off their competitive spirits with sports like baseball, football, powerlifting, and wrestling. But you don’t have to enjoy sports to compete. The school district also offers competitive clubs like robotics.

Area of Town/Neighborhood: Hutto

What Parents Are Saying: “Hutto ISD is very diverse and fun. I like the fact that you have a variety of activities to choose from outside of academics. The diversity of people and activities gives us all an opportunity to shine in the area of our choice. The students, teachers, and staff are very supportive of everyone no matter which activity they choose to participate in.”

Our Rating of the School District: 3.28 out of 5

12. Hays Consolidated Independent School District

The Hays Consolidated Independent School District wants to change the lives of each of its students by offering them enhanced educational opportunities.

Science Hall Elementary School was recently recognized by TELPAS (Texas English Language Proficiency System) as one of the highest performing schools in Texas. But excellence isn’t limited to this one school, all the schools in the district offer gifted and talented programs to help students better succeed in their educational endeavors. High school students can even join the Marine Corps JROTC, fine arts, and advanced academics.

Student-athletes are able to shine on and off the field in a number of sports. Athletic programs include tennis, golf, soccer, football, and powerlifting, to name a few. In the summer months, the schools in the district offer students the opportunity to stay competitive with summer sports camps.

Area of Town/Neighborhood: Kyle, Buda, northern Hays County

What Parents Are Saying: “The teachers and administration are so nice. Everyone is so helpful and nice. My kids have enjoyed all of their teachers.”

Our Rating of the School District: 3.16 out of 5

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