It's no secret that selling a home can be a stressful process. Between showings, price adjustments, inspections, and coordinating your move, the last thing on your mind might be scheduling listing photos.

But as inconvenient and unnecessary as they might seem. Listing photos can benefit almost anyone listing their home, helping to get more showings, more value, and interested buyers.

Home Searches Happen Online

As home searching becomes increasingly digital, so does the media attached to digital searches. According to the National Association of Realtors, "buyers are entering the process more educated about the market before they speak to a home seller or an agent."

This means that even before an agent representing a buyer sees your house, there's a good chance the buyer has seen your home and made up their mind about if they want to see more. Have you seen other homes in your area? Search for homes in your neighborhood today. As buyers are becoming more educated with online tools, the ability for a realtor to add value to listings has changed (at least at the beginning of the process) to gain interest in your house; listing photos are key.

Set High Expectations

In the restaurant world, there is an old saying that says, "We eat with our eyes first." The same is true in the real estate world for buyers. Buyers decide if your listing is "appetizing" by what they see in photos. If your photos are low quality, unappealing, or don't showcase the strengths of your home, chances are the buyer will pass.

You can also use good listing photography to push your investment in staging your home. One of the benefits of staging is to help potential buyers see themselves in the house. *HOME STAGING LINK* Be sure to coordinate with your agent to have photos taken after you've staged your home.

By setting high expectations of your home at the beginning, you help to establish your home in the minds of potential buyers. Remember that improvements can raise the value of your home, but often the final "picture" is greater than the sum of its parts. If you invest in a remodel, or landscaping, you want to make sure you capture how these improve the overall appeal of the house instead of saving them for a line item in the property description.

Help your home to sell faster

According to research conducted by one of the country's largest real estate photography networks, homes with professional photography sell up to 32% faster.

While your home selling faster does not correspond with increased value, increased demand for your home can help you get more of your asking price. If you have multiple bids or your home is in higher demand with more showings, buyers genuinely interested in your home will feel more confident to move forward and make you an offer.

You may not have even considered listing photos. Usually, your real estate agent should guide you through the listing process and let you know when the best time for listing photos will be.

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