Kyle residents — and anyone thinking of moving to this fast-growing city — are eagerly anticipating the development of a large, new entertainment complex scheduled to open next summer.

The project, in the works since 2007, was given final clearance by the Kyle city council in June and is expected to be the largest indoor entertainment facility in Hays County's history. Construction should begin later this year.

The complex will feature a movie theater, bowling alley, video arcade, sports bar/restaurant and meeting rooms. Mini-golf may be among the fun activities offered, as well.

“We are so excited to be able to bring this amenity to our residents,” said Kyle Mayor Lucy Johnson. “Our community is vastly underserved in the entertainment sector and this new business will go a long way to fill that gap.”

Kyle neighbors are eagerly anticipating the new entertainment complex. “Having a place to take kids and enjoy family time together without a 20-45 minute drive means more fun and less car time,” said 10-year Kyle resident Jodi Gonzalez. “It also means there will be a place where my kids can run into kids from their schools and hang out, like kids are supposed to do.

Kyle is one of the fastest-growing cities in Texas, and with plenty of homes for sale in Kyle, TX, new residents as well as long-timers will likely appreciate the new complex.

“We also believe that this facility will serve as a venue and destination for people throughout Central Texas,” said Johnson.

The complex will be built along I-35 near the Target store in the Village of Kyle Shopping Center, and is sure to be a boon to Kyle, Texas, real estate, an industry that is growing right along with the rest of the city, as evidenced by an influx of Kyle luxury homes coming on the market.

“Most people here moved from Austin to escape some of the traffic and hassle and then realized ‘Hey, there's nothing to do.’ This new entertainment complex will create options without creating all the big-city traffic woes,” said Gonzalez, whose three sons will undoubtedly appreciate the short drive to the new complex next summer.