East Austin, located just east of downtown and Interstate 35, is a young, vibrant area. This highly varied neighborhood has a dynamic community culture and plenty of recreational opportunities. The culturally diverse spot features worldly cuisine, easy access to downtown, beautiful parks, and a perfect blend of old and new communities.

Many corners have bungalows with chic cocktail bars and you're sure to come across some of the city's best street art! In addition, there are a variety of attractive communities to choose from, whether you want to rent or buy. To give you the entire East Austin experience, we've written down where to eat, drink, relax, and even buy a house in this article. Keep reading to learn more about living in the East Austin area.

Real Estate in East Austin

East Austin has seen a development surge in recent years. This is largely owing to the region being the only centrally placed area that had yet to be fully developed. As a result of this expansion, an increasing number of extra housing choices are becoming accessible.

The improvements made in the area's roads, companies, and homes have also increased property values, making the neighborhood an increasingly costly place to buy a home. Higher property taxes are also making the region less affordable than it previously was. Nonetheless, East Austin remains one of the nicest places in Austin to buy a home, with the widest variety of housing alternatives accessible.

In terms of home designs, homes in East Austin are a mishmash of different styles. From clapboard-sided ancient homes to contemporary wonders of cubic Bauhaus architecture. Buyers looking for East Austin houses for sale will come across wonderfully restored mid-century ranchers and eco-friendly metal roof bungalows with cisterns and xeriscaped yards.


The housing market in East Austin is pretty competitive. East Austin property prices were up 8% year on year in August 2022, with a median price of $570K. Homes in East Austin sell in 34 days on average, compared to 34 days last year. In August of this year, 394 residences were sold, down from 528 in August of the prior year.

If you’re interested in East Austin real estate, then you should consider Springdale, Forest Heights, Rosewood, MLK, Rathgeber Village, Govalle, Guadalupe-Saldana, Windsor Park, Holly, and other suburbs.


Thanks to its proximity to the University of Texas, numerous business locations, and young population, East Austin is home to several multi-family apartments and condominiums for rent with state-of-the-art amenities. And of the 41,368 occupied housing units in East Austin, 51.68% are owner-occupied, while 48.32% have renters living in them.

In terms of the cost of rent, the average monthly rent for a 2-bedroom apartment in East Austin is around $2,234, while the average lease agreement term in East Austin, TX is 12 months, but you can find lease terms ranging from six to 24 months.

Some of the most notable and popular areas to rent an apartment in East Austin include:

* Cherrywood

* Blackland

* Delwood

* Rosewood

* East 11th and 12th Street corridors

* Chestnut

* Mueller

Some of the most popular East Austin apartments and condos include Volume Apartments, Elan East Apartments, Eleven Apartments, Corazon Apartments, Delwood Station Apartments, French Place Condos, East End Flats Condos, Sandstone Apartments, Eastside Commons Apartments, AMLI Eastside Apartments, Chestnut Commons Condos, Willowbranch Lofts Condos, Twentyone24 Condos, Este Condos, and 41 Waller Lofts Condos.

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Restaurants in East Austin

East Austin has many great restaurants and eateries to satisfy the foodie in you.

* Elaine’s Pork and Pie

* Mi Madre’s

* Dai Due (one of the 10 best new restaurants in the U.S. in 2015 according to Bon Appetit)

* Thunderbird

* Austin Daily Press is on MLK and has Free Beer Fridays and an excellent Pineapple Express.

* Franklin Barbecue

* East Side King

Coffee Shops

Aside from the numerous restaurants situated in East Austin, the neighborhood is a coffee lover’s paradise. Below is a list of some of the go-to coffee shops by lovers of coffee and teas.

* Cenote

* Cuvée Coffee

* Greater Goods

* Fleet Coffee

* Flat Track Coffee

* Houndstooth

* Thunderbird Coffee


When it comes to groceries on the city's East Side, H-E-B and Whole Foods are nearby and have everything you need. You can also visit The Bee Grocery, which sells gourmet groceries, and Royal Blue Grocery, which is well-known in the neighborhood for its grab-and-go alternatives and weekly lunch specials. There is also a Fiesta grocery store in the retail mall near I-35 and 38th 12 St (Routes 22, 37, and 320), which has an excellent Latin ingredients section.

And if you’re a fan of visiting farmer's markets, then you are in luck in East Austin. The HOPE Farmers Market (Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.) at Plaza Saltillo Station has been recognized by the Austin Chronicle as the “Best Farmers Market”. The MLK, Jr. Station has the SFC Farmers’ Market on Tuesdays from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. If you live near the northern end of the neighborhood, the nearby Mueller Farmers’ Market (Sundays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.) is worth a visit, too.

All the Activities

You’ll not be wanting for things to do in East Austin. From the numerous Downtown museums and boutiques to spacious outdoor parks. What tickles your fancy? A delectable five-course supper at the restaurant you’ve been hearing about? Or perhaps you’d rather read the paper while sipping hot coffee at one of the cafes scattered throughout town. Keep reading to find out about activities to do in East Austin.

Outdoor Activities

If you want to spend some time alone with nature while living in East Austin, you can stroll, jog, or cycle along the Boardwalk at Lady Bird Lake. You may also get in a wonderful outdoor workout on the adjacent Tejano Walking Trail, which can be completed in approximately two and a half hours and contains an astonishing number of historical monuments.

Comal Pocket Park is another popular recreational place, containing sports fields, basketball courts, a playground, and picnic spots. You can also visit McKinney Falls State Park located just minutes outside of Austin's urban core and provides a convenient escape from the city. The park has over nine miles of hiking paths, 81 campsites, and various swimming holes and fishing holes fed by Onion Creek.

Gyms and Fitness

Whether you want a low-intensity, entertaining, difficult, or all-of-the-above gym, East Austin has a plethora of fitness and gym studios to get you in shape!

If you’re looking for a gym in the East Side of the city, check out OrangeTheory, E + E Boutique Gym, Athletic Outcomes, Squatch Frontier Fitness, or Lift ATX. This neighborhood is also home to the Austin Bouldering Project, one of the world’s largest bouldering gyms. And if you're into kickboxing, then Rise Kickboxing may be the place you need to be.

Bars and Nightlife

For a long time, Austin had only one "6th Street." And it was filthy. That is no longer the case. East 6th and the surrounding area have become the hippest drinking destination in town in recent years. Whether or not you get enthusiastic about what's new and hot, there's no disputing that there's a high concentration of fantastic bars and nightlife locations around here.

You can start your evening by visiting The White Horse, one of Austin's many famous music venues. This bar boasts live music seven days a week and is noted for its massive dance floor and honky-tonk ambiance. If you work up an appetite two-stepping, there's also a Bomb Tacos food truck right outside the restaurant.

You can also swing by the Liberty, which is one of the oldest bars on East 6th. Inside you can play pool or post up around the bar, or you can head to the backyard and grab a spot at one of the many picnic tables. For the true nightlife experience in East Austin, you can explore Long Play Lounge, Outer Heaven Disco Club, Azul Rooftop, and Skylark Lounge.

Art and Other Activities

East Austin is well-known for its creativity and art culture. With good reason. Not only does it have world-class museums like the Blanton, which has the nation's largest University-owned collection, and the Harry Ransom Center, which houses the First Photograph and the Gutenberg Bible, but East Austin is also home to a plethora of artists. At any time of year, on any day of the week, you can study the work of designers, painters, sculptors, writers, photographers, filmmakers, dancers, and musicians in a variety of locations.

Getting Around East Austin

Whether you want to get to Franklin Barbecue early enough to get some brisket before it runs out or want to go for a run along Boggy Creek, you've got to get there to enjoy being there! Thanks to its proximity to Downtown Austin and the University of Texas, East Austin has a walkability rating of 84/100 making it the most walkable neighborhood in Austin outside of Downtown.

And with a functional transportation system, residents and visitors in East Austin can quickly access restaurants, pubs, grocery stores, and retail centers. The area itself has a lot of sidewalks, public transportation, and easy access to major roads, making it easier to go around the city.

You can also take the 2 bus on CapMetro, Austin's public transportation system. Currently, the cost of a local day bus pass in East Austin is $2.50. A day pass for a commuter MetroRail day pass (which includes bus service) is $7. In addition, CapMetro offers reduced fares to seniors over 65, Medicare holders, active duty military, and riders with disabilities.

How to Score a Home In East Austin

Are you considering purchasing a home in East Austin? Maybe your family has grown and you require additional space. Maybe it's time to downsize, or maybe your job has taken you to the area. Whatever your reason, most people will tell you that East Austin is a fantastic neighborhood to buy a home and an even better place to call home.

Look for Homes That Have Been on the Market for a While

Start your open house search with properties that have been on the market for a while if you want to be in the greatest position to negotiate right away. Sellers whose properties have been on the market for a longer time are more likely to accept a reasonable offer.

Determine which houses for sale have been on the market for more than 60 days which is higher than 34 days, the median number of days homes spend on the market in East Austin. By doing so, you might just find your perfect home!

Make a Large Escrow Deposit

Most house sellers want a quick and smooth transaction. That suggests they want to see that you're a serious buyer. So, if you want to buy your dream property in East Austin quicker and for a low price, you can sweeten your modest offer with a high escrow deposit.

And with the average homes in East Austin selling for about 1% below list price, if you want to persuade the home sellers that you mean business, increasing your escrow deposit might be able to get your dream home for a steal.

Don't Request Extras

It's tempting to request an extra or two. Whether it's a loose door knob or a makeover like patching a little crack in the floor, an extra can seem like the icing on the cake that transforms a good house into your ideal house.

However, if you want a fantasy price, avoid the desire to ask for more than the home. After you've completed the most critical duty—having your cheap offer approved— you may always furnish and make repairs. You should also avoid requesting seller concessions such as assistance with closing fees. Give the seller no excuse to accept someone else's offer over yours.


Finding a great deal on your ideal house in East Austin is all about doing your research and making your offer appear more appealing to the seller. There are a variety of methods you can use to ensure that your offer is entertained, whether it's putting up a substantial escrow deposit to demonstrate that you're a serious buyer or being willing to close swiftly.

If you fancy the idea of moving to East Austin, BHGRE HomeCity can help you find the best homes and guide you through the home-purchasing process. Browse our available East Austin houses or contact us to learn more about how buying a home with BHGRE HomeCity works.

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