With winter officially behind us, spring is in full swing. Fresh air, sunshine, and chirping birds are a welcome sight as the days get longer and the temperatures warm up. Our homes and bodies will need a little adjusting to get used to the changes.

You can welcome the season with big changes like new color or landscaping, or small changes that make you feel more energized and connected to your home.

Start with Color

Once you have established the feel of the room with the scents of springtime, continue building on a layered approach to prepare for the season. A great next step is to bring a touch of color inside to brighten your space. Bright colors will help catch the sunlight and bring the feeling of “blue skies” inside. Short of a full paint project, you can also add color in bigger ways by refreshing the kitchen backsplash, repainting a bathroom vanity, or even updating the throw pillows in the living room and the sheets in the guest room.

Feel the Energy of Spring

With the warmer weather returning, it’s time to come out of “hibernation” and give your energy a boost. There are a few easy changes you can make to your home to boost your mood and put a pep in your step.

The first, and easiest, step is to increase the amount of daylight in your home. Open the curtains and let the sun in! Pairing sunlight with brightly-colored art or reflective decor will make the effect even greater.

Another step you can take to boost the mood and energy in your home is to ensure you’re adjusting to spring and getting a good night’s sleep. The increased activity, noise, heat, and daylight can affect some people’s ability to fall asleep or stay asleep. Make sure you’re keeping the bedroom nice and cool, an important factor in getting deep sleep. If you’re desperate to find the “cool side” of the pillow in this Texas spring, now is the perfect time to consider pillows with more airflow and a set of sheets that can breathe. You can also try a ceiling fan to keep air circulating at night. If you have noisy neighbors or hear traffic in the morning, you can use a sound machine to make ambient noise and keep you asleep longer.

Revive your Landscaping

Once you’ve brought some color and energy to the inside of your home, it’s a good time to revive the outdoor vibe and external look of your living space. It’s planting season and a great time of year to introduce plants native to the region. Golden thyrallis and Texas sage are easy to maintain and bring a pop of color to your front entrance or yard border. Check your lawn’s health by tugging gently on brown patches. If the roots come up easily, you may need to re-seed those areas. Finally, use the nicer weather as an opportunity to get outside and refresh your home’s curb appeal. A little goes a long way!

How you welcome spring into your home is up to you. A little goes a long way to give your home a refresh this season, so don’t be afraid to try something new!